Tooth & Nail Records gives away some more free music. This sampler is thirteen songs that show off some of the diverse genres that they offer. Sure there is plenty of poppy punk songs but there is some different songs mix. I may be fairly out of touch with the Tooth & Nail Records band roster because there is a lot of bands on here I have never heard of.

They start the sampler off with one of my favorite bands to ever come from Tooth & Nail. Right away I noticed that it seems Emery got a bit heavier than I remember, definitely the heaviest song on the album. Followed my Underoath's new song Paper Lung which is another great song from them, that one ends a bit heavier as well. They include The Almost song Monster Monster even though it is fairly older, kinda wish they would just stick to newer music for samplers. Swimming With Dolphins song Sleep To Dream has a bit of a 80s synthpop feel to it, and they do it well. To be honest I'm not the biggest fan of poppy punk music so a handful of songs from this album will not end up in my regular playlist. They finish off the sampler with a live version of Fire It Up by Thousand Foot Krutch. I always enjoy the upbeat hard rock songs that they release. They have a way of making songs that are fun and catchy that end up stuck in your head.

I do enjoy most of this album quite a bit, the others just are not my favorite style of music I guess. Over all it's a good sampler to showcase what Tooth & Nail Records offers. 


  1. Emery – The Cheval Glass
  2. Underoath – Paper Lung
  3. Sainthood Reps – Monoculture
  4. I Am Empire – Brain Damage
  5. Write This Down – Alarm The Alarm
  6. The Almost – Monster Monster
  7. Swimming With Dolphins – Sleep To Dream
  8. Rocky Loves Emily – Clueless
  9. Hyland – Jumping The Gun
  10. Ivoryline – Instincts
  11. FM Static – My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go
  12. Icon For Hire – Make A Move
  13. Thousand Foot Krutch – Fire It Up (Live)

Download Tooth & Nail Records – Sampler free

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Tooth & Nail Records Sampler

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