Pilgrim – Pilgrim

Download the debut album from Josh White's new project, Pilgrim, for free over at Noisetrade. The self-titled album is said to be a soundtrack to his youth, the album feeds off of his love of many different musical styles including but not limited to glam, new wave, and trip-hop. They say it better than I could, "It's as if Roxy Music merged with New Order, and was remixed by Massive Attack."

I have never really followed Josh White, but after listening to this album and realizing he is the brains behind The Followers as well I feel the need to check into his other projects that he has been involved in. These would include two solo albums as well as three albums with his former band Telecast. If you have not heard his stuff with The Followers you can download their album for free as well here The Follwers – Wounded Healer. (I would highly recommend it)

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Paper Route – The Peace Of Wild Things

Paper Route is giving their latest album, The Peace Of Wild Things, for free over at Noisetrade. The album was released late last year and was the bands first album since one of their founding members, Andy Smith, left the band. I bought this album shortly after it was released and do not regret spending money for it, but you can pick it up for free!!!

After downloading the bands last album, Absence, (which can still be downloaded for free here Paper Route – Absence) I fell in love with the bands sound. A mix of indie rock/synthpop, the music just had a different sound than most other stuff you find out there. When I heard that Andy Smith was leaving the band I was disappointed because from what I understand he played a big part in the writing process of the music. But after hearing The Peace Of Wild Things I was not disappointed at all, even though the sound has changed a bit.

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Paper Route – Absence + Better Life

Get a free download of Paper Route's album Absence for free over at NoiseTrade. The download also includes the bonus song Better Life, which comes from their newest album The Peace Of Wild Things. I'm not sure why it took me so long to post this because it has been up for a long time. Since I have downloaded it I have fell in love with their music, Fantastic Stuff!!!

When speaking of the album many people compare to bands such as The Postal Service, Coldplay, Mutemath, and Depeche Mode. I actually thought of Radiohead's Kid A/Amnesiac era as well. The music is a blend of indie rock and electro pop.  Read the rest of this entry

United Festival 2012 Sampler

You can download a free sampler from the United Festival over at Noisetrade. The album includes any different genres including rap (Lazzara), folk (Get In The Ark), worship (John Morales), rock (Remembering Venice) among others. There is a little something for everyone except the metal and heavier genres.

The United Festival is an all day Christian music festival that takes place at the First Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ohio. The festival features all of the artists that are on the sampler as well as a guest speaker, Josh Budka. They also have a 70 foot inflatable obstacle course, 16 foot slides, and jump houses. For the kids they have a the United Kidz Tent with activities, worship, skits and a special sermon designed specially for children. Read the rest of this entry

JudahCall – Hoover

Download JudahCall's new single Hoover for free over at the Aussie Christian Gigs Bandcamp page. You can check out the lyrics to the song in the Youtube video below if you would like. The song is inspired by Erwin McManus' book Wide Awake.

JudahCall is an electro rock band out of Sydney, Australia. They have released two EPs so far City in 2008 and Follow The Sun in 2011. Follow the sun can be purchased at their Bandcamp page at the link below. The two earlier EPs have more of a straight indie rock sound as opposed to the new single, Hoover, which incorporates alot of electronic synths and samples. It seems this is the direction they have headed for their new EP which should be out later this year. Read the rest of this entry

The Jellyrox – Heta Himlen

The Jellyrox is a one man band consisting of the the frontman of the band Eleventyseven. Matt Langston released the self titled album, The Jellyrox (EP), in June 2010 and then in December of that year released the single Closet Monster, which made its way on to the new full length album Heta Himlen. This is electropop music, if you enjoy Joy Electric or the 80's synthpop bands you will prolly enjoy this as well. Check out The Jellyrox new album, Heta Himlen, for free at their bandcamp page. And if you enjoy it pick up the self  titled album from iTunes or Amazon below. Read the rest of this entry

The Hawk In Paris – His + Hers

The Hawk In Paris is a supergroup made up of Dan Haseltine (lead singer of Jars Of Clay), Matt Bronleewe (former guitar player and writer for Jars Of Clay) and Jeremy Bose (Producer). Matt and Jeremy also work together under the name Bronleewe and Bose, mostly doing remixes for bands like Plumb, LeAnn Rimes and others.

The sound of the album is heavily influenced by 80s synthpop bands, some of the bands that they said they got influence from are Psychedelic Furs, Depeche Mode, New Order, The Eurythmics and Genesis. Although having a 80s synthpop feel to it I feel the band blended a newer electronic feel to it as well, there is also a handful of moments I reminded of U2. Read the rest of this entry