Propaganda – Excellent

Head over to the Humble Beast website and download the new Propaganda album Excellent. I don't post a ton of music in the rap genre, but I have been listening to this one at work lately. Good music and fantastic lyrics, you need to check this album out even if you don't generally listen to the rap/hip-hop genre.

The album was produced by Beautiful Eulogy, which is a team made up of Courtland Urbano, Braille and Odd Thomas. There are many different guest vocalists on the album as well including Theory Hazit, Sho Baraka, Kevin Olusola and Joel Davis from Ascend The Hill. The album is clearly a rap album but there are many parts where it ends up being spoken word. Their is also a worship element added to the song Lofty courtesy of Joel Davis from the Come&Live worship band Ascend The Hill. Read the rest of this entry

Datin – Turn It Off Vol. 1

STYLWYLD Music presents Datin's new album Turn It Off Vol. 1 on Rapzilla for free download. The album is produced by Tee-Wyla and mixed by Change. The album features a handfull of different artists like Lavoisier, Bizzle, Raging Moses, Mr. ENC, Bumps INF, Selah Tha Corner, Zay Tate, Lionel King, and DJ YNOT. Read the rest of this entry

My Ransomed Soul formed in 2007 and have been perfecting their sound ever since. After self-releasing 3 EPs the band has finally released a full-length album last month. They are offering up the new album, The Chains That Bind Us, for free over at their Bandcamp page. My Ransomed Soul is for people who like bands such as For Today and MyChildren MyBride.

My Ransomed Soul have a great metalcore sound with some clean vocals mixed in here and there. They also have a spoken word track, Resolution, and use some spoken word on the song The Message. My favorite song on the album would have to be Light The Sky which is a great heavy worship song. Read the rest of this entry

The extremely popular Christian site Jesus Freak Hideout has released it's first compilation album, and are giving it away for free. The album called, Songs We've Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven't) Volume One, is a compilation of mostly independent artists that they enjoy and think you need to hear. There are also some fairly well know bands on it such as Family Force 5, The O.C. Supertones, and Kids In The Way.

Most of the music is in the rock genre whether it be pop rock, hard rock, folk rock……. There is a handful of hip-hop/rap and electronic artists on it as well. If you are a metal fan there is not much for you here Fallstar's song Hunters I believe is the only song on here for you and it falls more in the hardcore category. I also noticed that the compilation is for the most part male dominated there are very few females represented on the album. Read the rest of this entry

Caleb And Sol – The Healing

Caleb And Sol are giving away their sophomore release The Healing for free at their bandcamp page. Caleb And Sol are a pop rock band out of Eugene, Oregon consisting of identical twins Caleb and Sol Rexius.

I have not listened to their first album in its entirety, but from listening to the samples on Amazon they have come a long way with their sound. Many of these songs on The Healing are something that you would find on any contemporary Christian radio station. The songs all have a faith-based message behind them and the music is catchy and upbeat. The album finishes off with a spoken word track that from what I understand is a graduation speech that Sol wrote, this may be one of my favorite tracks on the album actually. Read the rest of this entry

Faith Comes By Hearing is an organization working to reach people of the world with the Word of God through audio. They offer free audio Bibles which can help touch the estimated 50% of the world that is illiterate. So far Faith Coes By Hearing has done over 640 different languages and counting. I noticed recently that they have posted a handfull of audio bibles on Amazon for free download. All of the English versions are dramatized adding sound affects and music. I'm not sure which of the rest are dramatized as well, some are some are not. Read the rest of this entry

Mattie Montgomery is best known for being the lead singer in the hardcore/metalcore band For Today. In Mattie Montgomery's podcast, Watch And Pray, he takes a look into what it means to be a watchman. He goes through the Bible and picks out verses that mention being a watchman and gives an in depth look on why it is all of our duties to be a watchman for God.

This is just spoken word there is no music to this as there is in his albums. If you like his message you can get more on his free album here Mattie Montgomery – When Sons Become Fathers. On the album his "sermons" are put to background music that makes the experience of hearing his message even more enjoyable. Read the rest of this entry

Across Waters is a post-rock instrumental band out of Denton, Texas. Their songs off of their first album More Light Is Never Ending are for the most part instrumental except for the very beginning of each song. Each song starts out with a bit of spoken word verses from the Bible. The album is a concept album, one of the band members says the album is, "The story of God's great narrative…in the creation story."

The sound of the band is compared to other bands such as Explosions In The Sky, This Will Destroy You, and Minus The Bear. The instrumentals are great and I like the spoken word to start off each song, giving a preview of the story that they are trying to portray through their instrumental. This is something that I think even non-Christians who enjoy instrumental post-rock will enjoy. Read the rest of this entry

Streetlights – Vol. 1: Divine DNA

Streetlights is a audio Bible put to hip-hop music. This is the first release in the series and includes Genesis 1 through 6 and the entire Gospel Of John. It was made in partnership with Humble Beast Records and there are many of their artists that lend their voices and music for the project. Some of the artists that lend their voices are Propaganda, Odd Thomas, and Boogalu of Alert. And the score is done by many different hip-hop artists including Courtland Urbano, Theory Hazit, Odd Thomas, and Moral One and Boogalu of Alert.

The version used for the audio Bible is The New Living Translation, which happens to be my favorite bible version. The New Living Translation (NLT) was created to give the original texts of scripture into contemporary English. From what I understand they plan on releasing the Bible in its entirety in several releases each based around a theme. Read the rest of this entry

Crazy Crazy Awesome Awesome – Truth

Crazy Crazy Awesome Awesome is not every ones cup of tea clearly, based on the reviews that I browsed through on the web. I saw it most labeled as crunkcore, which I can only guess is screamo, rap and electronica all wrapped up in one, because that's what it sounds like.

Many people compared them to Brokencyde, but I don't know who that is and didn't care to check them out. I think anyone who enjoys Family Force 5 should probably give it a try. Their styles are similar but unlike FF5's lyrics, which seem to be mostly about dancing and very little about their Christian faith, Crazy Crazy Awesome Awesome does not hide their faith in the least. They put out lots of great Christian messages through their lyrics, two songs are spoken word talking about scriptures. This is one thing that I really like about this album because since I downloaded it two weeks ago it is the only thing that my kids have been requesting to listen to, they LOVE it!!! Read the rest of this entry