Alma – Pass It On

Download Alma's first EP titled Pass It On over at her Bandcamp page for free, or you may pay whatever you chose for it. Any money given for the album I believe will help in funding a video for the song Take 21. 

Alma's voice has a great soulfull sound, I have really been enjoying this album. Half of the album is soul/jazz influenced songs that would appeal to anyone who enjoys music from or similar to Fiona Apple. The rest are poppy acoustic songs, one of which has guest vocals from Rico which adds a rap element to the song. I have to say while she does both styles well I especially enjoy the soul/jazz songs, with her voice it just fits well. Read the rest of this entry

Israel & New Breed – Rez Power

Israel & New Breed have a new live album out titled Jesus At The Center and GMC is giving away a song from it for free. You can download Rez Power for free over at their website. Great upbeat soul/gospel worship music featuring Israel Houghton as lead vocalist and co-writer.

The live album features many guest singers on it including T-Bone, Michael Gungor, Bishop Michael Pitts and many more. Jesus At The Center was recorded live in front of over 29,000 people at Houston's Lakewood Church. The double CD has 18 live songs as well as 3 studio versions of select songs. The two live medleys include cover songs. One being Bob Dylan's To Make You Feel My Love and the other is You Have Me which is originally by Gungor. If you are interested in checking out the full album you can sample it over at Amazon. Read the rest of this entry

Ravenhill – Bedroom Demos

Ravenhill has just released a new EP of demos for free download over at their Bandcamp page called Bedroom Demos. The first 3 songs on the EP were recorded just by Josh Clifton the lead singer/guitarist. These are just rough acoustic demos that may become actual Ravenhill songs someday. They mention that this is the how the process starts with a lot of the bands songs. The last 4 songs are demos recorded with the full band back in 2010. The Shakes and Stranger were later re-recorded on the EP Lions, which is available for download here. Ravenhill – Lions (EP) Read the rest of this entry

Derek Minor (Pro) – PSA Volume 3

Who is Derek Minor? Formerly known as Pro. This is what the cover of Derek Minor's new mixtape, PSA Volume 3, says. It looks as though he will be loosing the Pro moniker and continue making music under his real name instead. As the lead track Higher says, "introducing Derek Minor."

The mixtape as always includes a wide variety of guests in including well known stars like Trip Lee, Lecrae, Sho Baraka, Tedashii and many more. There is also a handfull of different producers who took part in PSA Vol. 3 including Sarah J, Wes Pendleton, Matt Houston, and Deeonthetrack among others. Derek himself also took the liberty to produce six of the tracks himself. Read the rest of this entry

My Anchor Holds – Self-Titled (EP)

My Anchor Holds is a folk/soul band consisting of husband and wife duo Jacob and Katie Eckeberger. The bands sound is a mix of the musical styles that each of them were brought up on. Katie brings the blues and soul influence from the mid-west which comes out in her vocals and Jacob's Americana/folk influence comes out in the music with his acoustic guitar.

The full EP is not available for download only Depth Of Mercy, My Anchor Holds, and People Get Ready are for free download, but the other two songs can be streamed at their ReverbNation profile. Read the rest of this entry

Karla Adolphe – Honeycomb Tombs

Today Karla Adolphe has released her new album Honeycomb Tombs for free download on her website. I first discovered Karla when searching for more music from Aaron Strumpel and ran across The Emporiums, a band consisting of the two.

A year ago Karla got to experience being with a close family in the hospital as they said goodbye to their daughter. Out of this she was inspired to create an album to that can aid people that are going through the grieving process. The lyrics for Honeycomb Tombs come from personal experiences with sorrow, poetry, and stories that others have shared with her. Read the rest of this entry

J.R. – Murray’s Grammar, New Rules

J.R., also known as Courtney Peebles is a Christian singer producer that was former signed to Cross Movement Records where he released two albums Metamorphosis and Life By Stereo. He has since left to independently make music. He released his first Mixtape named Murray's Grammar, New Rules and gave it away for free.

It's hard to put this album in one musical genre because there are so many different styles throughout. He draws from rock, soul, hip-hop, alternative among others throughout the album. The list of influences that he lists on his Facebook page sums it up well Sade, Kenna, 4th Avenue Jones, Lenny Kravitz, Sting, U2, Coldplay, The Beatles, Prince, Radiohead, and N.E.R.D. There are a handful of times that the music reminded me of Lenny Kravitz and Kenna definitely came to mind numerous times throughout the album. I have been a big fan of Kenna so as far as I'm concerned that's a good thing. Read the rest of this entry