Fleas Naughty Dog Vol. 3

Indie Vision Music has again teamed up with Rottweiler Records to bring you their new Christmas compilation titled Fleas Naughty Dog Vol. 3. The download is made available for free through Mediafire.

There is a good mix of genres here covering punk, rock, ska, rap, metal, country, power rock, among others. Also a mix of classics redone as well as some originals thrown in here and there. Read the rest of this entry

Showbread – Cancer

Showbread have released their new album Cancer for free download over at Come & Live. The album is a science fiction concept album that takes place on a planet called Cancer, which sounds strangely like the planet I live on. From what the Come & Live site says the story follows a rebellious rock musician that attempts to use his punk rock band to lead a revolt against inter-dimensional fascists in a not-so-distant American future.

I won't get to much into reviewing the album, there are many other places to find that if you so desire. To give you an idea of what to expect, from the band that you never know what to expect, Cancer is musically a mix of all of their previous albums with the addition of some new styles as well. Most important to many fans the album brings back the screams many have come to love with Showbread, that were non-existent in their last release Who Can Know It. Although I personally did not miss them I think they put out a solid album without them, but I do enjoy that they are back. Read the rest of this entry

Five Iron Frenzy are doing a fan remix project and they are starting off things with the song It Was A Dark And Stormy Night. They are giving away a zip file with all the instrument tracks from the song so you have everything you need to make your own remix.

The band isencouraging you to share your remixes on the internet as long as you do not charge any money for it. Even if you do not plan on making any remix this is something that any hardcore Five Iron Frenzy fan can enjoy and should have in their collection. Read the rest of this entry

The extremely popular Christian site Jesus Freak Hideout has released it's first compilation album, and are giving it away for free. The album called, Songs We've Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven't) Volume One, is a compilation of mostly independent artists that they enjoy and think you need to hear. There are also some fairly well know bands on it such as Family Force 5, The O.C. Supertones, and Kids In The Way.

Most of the music is in the rock genre whether it be pop rock, hard rock, folk rock……. There is a handful of hip-hop/rap and electronic artists on it as well. If you are a metal fan there is not much for you here Fallstar's song Hunters I believe is the only song on here for you and it falls more in the hardcore category. I also noticed that the compilation is for the most part male dominated there are very few females represented on the album. Read the rest of this entry

Sounds Of Salvation is a ska worship band out of the UK. They finished a tour at the end of last year and made an album from the music on that tour. The new album, Nuking The Fridge (Live), is a collection of songs from their past albums and many standard worship songs with their unique sound to them.

The album is very fun and a great alternative to the standard worship that you will hear from the regular worship artists. Complete with a fantastic horn section, gang vocals that at times sound like a bunch of pirates yelling, and songs like The Facebook Song, poking fun at well Facebook and the activity that goes on there. Read the rest of this entry

The O.C. Supertones – On The Downbeat

The O.C. Supertones were the first really big Christian ska band, and to this date probably still the biggest. The Supertones were together from 1995-2005 when they then announced the band would be breaking up. Until 2010 when they made an announcement that most of the original members would be reuniting for a handful of shows. That turned into 15 concerts in 2010 and then they announced that they would continue to do about 10 shows a year.

Recently the band put up a new website and have just posted a new song for free download on their Facebook Page. The song, On The Downbeat, is just a taste of what's to come since they have now announced that they will be working on releasing their first full-length album in 8 years. Read the rest of this entry

Five Iron Frenzy – It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

Five Iron Frenzy is a ska band that formed in 1995 and broke up in 2003. They seem to have quite a loyal following and the announcement of them getting back together and recording new material seems to be making a good handful of people very happy. They are using the kickstarter program to raise money to record a new album that sounds to be planned for 2013. The goal for the kickstarter was to raise $30,000 and at the time of this posting they were at $133,535 and have 53 days to go yet. So yeah, I'd say there is definitely some interest in this reunion.

To hold the fans over until they get the full album done they posted a song for download on their website, and from what I have read the fans are LOVING the new song. The song is called "It Was A Dark And Stormy Night" but when I play the song in Winamp it is labeled "Five Iron Frenzy – Hope Still Flies". Either way enjoy the new music. Read the rest of this entry