Fleas Naughty Dog Vol. 3

Indie Vision Music has again teamed up with Rottweiler Records to bring you their new Christmas compilation titled Fleas Naughty Dog Vol. 3. The download is made available for free through Mediafire.

There is a good mix of genres here covering punk, rock, ska, rap, metal, country, power rock, among others. Also a mix of classics redone as well as some originals thrown in here and there. Read the rest of this entry

Branches – Songs For Christmas

Download Branches' new Christmas album, Songs For Christmas, for free over at Noisetrade. This album is the four songs that were on their Christmas EP that they released last year titled, Merry Christmas, as well as two additional songs. I really enjoy their version of Go Tell It On The Mountain, it is a bit more upbeat than usual.

Branches are a folk rock band that describe themselves as indie-folk-rock-family-fun and have been compared to bands like Arcade Fire, Mumford and Sons and Freelance Whales.  Read the rest of this entry

Willet – Willet Snow On Christmas (Sampler)

Willet is giving away a three song sampler from their Christmas album, Willet Snow On Christmas, that they released in 2009. The sampler includes the two Christmas classics God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, as well as an original that they wrote titled Glory. 

Willet have released the sampler in preparation for their 7th annual Willet Snow On Christmas Tour that kicks off in December. Partnering with Willet for the tour is an organization called The Hunger Strike. The tour will go through six stops throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania kicking off with with a 10,000 meal packing event in Crofton, Maryland. To get more info on the organization you can check out their website here The Hunger Strike. By the way if your in the area, the concerts are all free admission I believe. Read the rest of this entry

Third Day – Hit Me Like A Bomb

Download the new Third Day song Hit Me Like A Bomb for free over at iTickets. The song is the opening track to their newest album, Miracle, which was just released on the 6th.

Third Day has went with a well known mainstream producer, Brendan O'Brien, on this album. You may know him from his work with bands such as Pearl Jam, Train, Incubus, Bruce Springsteen and many more. I haven't looked into the reasoning behind the move, but I assume they were looking for a change? If the rest of the album is anything like Hit Me Like A Bomb I'd say they found their change. No it's not drastic, but it's there, and I enjoy the song quite a bit. Read the rest of this entry

Heath McNease – Calls That Never Come

Heath McNease has a new single titled Calls That Never Come for free download over at his Bandcamp page. The song comes from his newly released EP titled Losing Daylight. This is more along the lines of the last album that he released, The Weight Of Glory, no rapping here. Just some light drums, acoustic guitar and Heath's fantastic vocals.

As I already mentioned the song comes from his newly released EP titled Losing Daylight. This album, unlike his last seven projects put out, is not available for free download. He said that he has given away tens of thousands of free downloads of his past albums and is hoping to make some profit off of this one. If you have enjoyed any of his past work that you have downloaded for free think about helping out so he can continue to give away his music for free in the future. I for one have bought the album, it was the least I could do after the fantastic free music that I have gotten from him so far. Read the rest of this entry

Mark Schultz – All Things Possible

Get a free download of the new Mark Schultz single All Things Possible over at K-Love Radio. The song comes from his new album of the same name. He drew inspiration for the song from his trip he took across the US on a bicycle in 2007. The trip took him from California to Maine, with stops along the way to perform concerts and participate in other events. The 3,500 mile trek came out of a trip he took to orphanages in Mexico, the purpose of the trip was to help meet the needs of orphans and widows in Mexico. The song simply states that we can do anything and everything through Christ. Read the rest of this entry

Project 86 – Omerta’s Sons

Project 86 are giving away their latest single Omerta's Sons for free download over at Noisetrade. The song comes from their latest release Wait For The Siren which can be sampled or purchased over at Amazon or iTunes

Project 86's new album Wait For The Siren has many guests on it including Andrew Welch of Disciple, Blake Martin of A Plea For Purging, Rocky Gray of Evanescence, Cody Driggers of The Wedding, Bruce Fitzhugh of Living Sacrifice, and Brian Head Welch of Love And Death and Korn fame. Read the rest of this entry

Brandon Heath – The Harvester

Download new Brandon Heath music for free thanx to iTickets. You can get a free download of Brandon's song The Harvester, which is the opening track to his newly released album Blue Mountain. Blue Mountain was just released on the 5th and can be sampled or purchased at Amazon or iTunes.

The new album is a bit of a departure from his normal contemporary pop-rock sound. From what I understand and from listening to this song I can hear the new sound come out. The Harvester has some heavy country and bluegrass influence which is what you can expect from the rest of the album as well. I can honestly say I've never been a huge fan of Brandon's music. Not saying his music is bad, he makes good music, it's just that the style isn't much my thing. Contemporary worship music all kinda starts sounding the same after a while I guess. But this song makes me want to check out the rest of his new album. Read the rest of this entry

Anberlin – Safe Here

Get the Anberlin song Safe Here for free download over at the Destroy All Lines Facebook page. Safe Here is a B-side to their upcoming album, Vital, which is set to release on the 16th. You must like the page to get your free download, and you will also be added to the Anberlin and the Destroy All Lines mailing lists. You can always un-like the page after and unsubscribe to the e-mail lists if you feel the need to.

Destroy All Lines is a Australian promotion company for musicians. They got their start in 2003 and have since become one of Australia's larger music companies. They have a network of some of the most successful clubs and events in the country.  Read the rest of this entry

Kutless – Carry Me To The Cross

Download Kutless' new single Carry Me To The Cross for free through iTunes courtesy of Air1 Radio. The song comes from their latest album Believer, which was released in February. The song is a contemporary worship song that was co-wrote by by Mark Stuart and Jason Walker of Audio Adrenaline fame. The song has hit the number eight spot on the Billboard Christian Songs chart.

Kutless is a Christian rock band from Portland Oregon. Early in their career they had a harder rock sound but have slowly lost most of the rock edge to their music and replaced it with a contemporary worship sound. The move has worked out great for them landing all of their last three albums in the top spots on the Billboards Christian Albums chart. Read the rest of this entry

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