Jars Of Clay – Inland

Download the title track from Jars Of Clay upcoming album, Inland, for free. The download is made free as part of Rolling Stones' daily download.

Inland is Jars Of Clay's eleventh studio album. It is set to release August 27th through Grey Matters records. You can sample or purchase the full album over at iTunes or Amazon.

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Download the Wolves At The Gate song Pulled From The Deep for free over at their PureVolume page. The song comes from their 2010 Demo of the same name. You can also pick up two other songs for free at the page that are not on either of their Solid State Records releases. These songs are Veritas and So Augustine Won Some Wars.

Wolves At The Gate is a post-hardcore band from Cedarville Ohio. They have released two albums through Solid State Records that include the EP We Are The Ones in 2011 and a full length in 2012 titled Captors. I believe the two other songs that are available for download must be from past demos that have been released.

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Download a remix of Audio Adrenaline's song Kings & Queens done by ARIA over at Soundcloud. To get the download you will have to repost, comment on, or share the song and a download link will be sent to you. So you will need a Soundcloud account to get it.

The song comes from Audio Adrenaline's latest album Kings & Queens, which is also the bands first album with new lead singer Kevin Max. I am usually not really big into much that would fall into the contemporary Christian category but I am a big fan of Kevin's voice and singing style so I do enjoy this song.

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Download David Crowder Bands song Shadows (Family Force 5 Phenomenon Remix) for free courtesy of Air1 Radio. The song comes from their newly released Essentials Collection titled All This For A King.

You can sample or purchase the full album over at iTunes or Amazon. The album includes ten of David Crowder Band's best songs as well as this and two other remixes done by The Digital Age and Capital Kings.

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Todd0 (ToddZero) – Kid Heart

ToddZero is giving away his new album, Kid Heart, over at Noisetrade. Not sure how long this will be up for free because it will be seeing an official release on June 4th through Hembot Recordings. I really enjoyed his first EP and this album shows great growth in his music. Building on what he did so well with his indie rock sound he also integrates some electronic elements/synth into this album. I highly recommend getting this album. Fantastic indie rock music! Positive Christian message.

ToddZero has recently moved his website as well as his Facebook page using ToddZero as his name instead of Todd0. Which is odd because I always thought it was ToddO, as in the letter O. Anyways you can find his new website here www.toddzero.com and new Facebook page here ToddZero.

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Hawk Nelson – A Million Miles Away

Download Hawk Nelson's song A Million Miles Away for free over at Jesus Freak Hideout. The song comes from their latest release, Made, which was released in April through Fair Trade Services.

This may not be the Hawk Nelson that you know but it is still solid upbeat Christian rock music. They have went through many changes between the last album and this one. The lead singer, Jason Dunn, left the band early 2012 and Jonathan Steingard, the guitar player, has taken over the vocal duties. With this change the pop-punk style you may be used to has been replaced with more of a straight pop rock sound.

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Chris Sligh – Where You Are

Chris Sligh is giving away his new song Where You Are for free over at his Soundcloud profile. The song comes from his upcoming album titled This Is Life which is due out Aug 13th.

Chris Sligh is best known for his appearance on the sixth season of American Idol, where he ended up making it to the top ten before getting eliminated. He has a contemporary Christian sound that would be for anyone who also enjoys singers like Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman.

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My Epic – Hail

If you didn't already know, you can download My Epic's newest single, Hail, for free. The new song comes from their as of yet untitled album that is due out in the fall. I have fallen in love with My Epic since listening to their song Lower Still, a powerful song with powerful lyrics. The new song is great can't wait to hear the new album.

This is what they had to say about the new song. ""In a sense, Hail picks up where Lower Still leaves off. What will that moment be like when all is laid before the Maker. What will I feel when I stand in His presence? I can only imagine that I will be completely speechless. Recently, I had been talking with a friend of mine about the incredible picture painted in Revelation 5. In it, John has a vision of the end of all things and of standing in the presence of G-d Almighty. In that moment he weeps inconsolably because he, nor any other man, is able to make things right. On that day we will all have "empty throats". We have also spent a lot of time recently as a band thinking on the fact that all of creation is, in a sense, simply spoken words from the mouth of Father G-d. Not only does He create by simply speaking, but He also continually wills it to keep existing by His Spoken Word. The juxtaposition between the complete power of G-d's word and the complete impotence of my own gave birth to the prayer/psalm that is this song."​

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Paper Route – The Peace Of Wild Things

Paper Route is giving their latest album, The Peace Of Wild Things, for free over at Noisetrade. The album was released late last year and was the bands first album since one of their founding members, Andy Smith, left the band. I bought this album shortly after it was released and do not regret spending money for it, but you can pick it up for free!!!

After downloading the bands last album, Absence, (which can still be downloaded for free here Paper Route – Absence) I fell in love with the bands sound. A mix of indie rock/synthpop, the music just had a different sound than most other stuff you find out there. When I heard that Andy Smith was leaving the band I was disappointed because from what I understand he played a big part in the writing process of the music. But after hearing The Peace Of Wild Things I was not disappointed at all, even though the sound has changed a bit.

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Josh Garrels full discography is free for 2 weeks.

Josh Garrels is giving away his complete discography for free for two weeks over at Noisetrade. While they are all a free gift for you to download I encourage you to give a tip because 100% of the tips are being donated to World Relief to help in Congo. If you would like to read more about what is happening and what they are doing to help over in Congo go here http://worldrelief.org/congo-crisis.

I fell in love with Josh Garrels' music when he gave away his last release Love & War & The Sea In Between for free. After that I ended up buying his album Jacaranda but never got around to buying the rest. This was a great opportunity to get the rest of his music and help a great cause. Read the rest of this entry

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