Heath McNease – Fort Wayne (Album & Movie)

Download the new Heath McNease album, Fort Wayne, over at Noisetrade for free. The album is a soundtrack to a movie that McNease made with the same name. Over on the download page they also have the movie that you can watch on YouTube. If you're looking for rap this is not it, but if you enjoyed Heath's C.S. Lewis tribute album, The Weight Of Glory, then you will love this album as well.

This is what they had to say about the album/movie over at Noisetrade:

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Disciple – Unbroken

Download the Disciple song Unbroken free at the HM Magazine Soundcloud page. The song comes from the bands latest release, Attack, which was released on the 23rd. The album was funded through a very successful campaign through Kickstarter. Their goal to make the album was $45,000 and they ended up raising over $115,000. You can sample the new album or purchase it here at iTunes or Amazon.

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For King & Country – No Turning Back

Download the For King And Country song, No Turning Back, for free over at The Fish website. The song Comes from their new album Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong., you can purchase the full album over at iTunes or Amazon. The Fish is a contemporary Christian radio station out of Cleveland, Ohio. You can check out a stream of the radio station at their site as well.

For King & Country is brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone from Sydney, Australia. Joel and Luke are also the younger brothers of the well known Christian artist and speaker Rebecca St. James. For King & Country are probably best known for their single, Busted Heart, which was a huge hit off of their 2012 album Crave.

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Flyleaf – Home

Download the Flyleaf song Home for free over at New Release Tuesday. The song comes from their new album, Between The Stars, which releases tomorrow. You can stream the full album if you follow link, and the free download is below the streaming app. You can purchase the full album over at iTunes or Amazon.

​Between The Stars is the first full length album that they have made since the departure of their lead singer, Lacy Sturm. Their new singer is Kristen May, formerly of the band Vedera. They have since signed with Loud & Proud Records.

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U2 – Songs Of Innocence

U2 is giving away their new album, Songs Of Innocence, for free over at iTunes. The song will remain for free download until Oct 14th. Apple actually paid the band and Universal to give the album away to its customers for free.

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Thousand Foot Krutch – Untraveled Road

Download the new Thousand Foot Krutch song Untraveled Road for free over at Noisetrade. The song comes from their newest album Oxygen, Inhale. They said that they wanted to offer a free song as a thank You for an amazing first week for the new album release.

I have not listened to the full album yet, but one song that I have heard that I really enjoyed is, Born This Way. You can check out that song below at Youtube. It has a southern rock feel to it that they pull off well. If you want to sample or purchase the full album you can here over at iTunes or Amazon.

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Manafest – Diamonds (Feat. Trevor McNevan)

Download the new Manafest single Diamonds for free over at Rapzilla. The song features the Thousand Foot Krutch singer, Trevor McNevan.

The song comes from Manafest's latest release The Moment, which was released in early August. You can sample the rest of the album over at iTunes or Amazon.

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Attalus – Albatross

Download the new Attalus song Albatross for free over at their indiegogo campaign page. The song comes from the new album that they are trying to fund through indiegogo. The new album, Into The Sea, is a concept album that they have been working on for the past 2 years. The album will consist of 16 songs and will be mixed by Mike Watts, who has worked with bands such as As Cities Burn, Transit and Brand New.

If you enjoy Emery or Thrice I would recommend you check out Attalus, if you don't know who they are already. They are easily one of my favorite bands, great music, fantastic lyrics! So go and support them in making this album a reality. You will get to download 4 rough versions of songs from the album within 24 hours of contributing.

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Facedown Records 2013/2014 Winter Sampler

Download the new Facedown Records 2013/2014 Winter Sampler for free over at the Facedown website. The album includes 11 songs all from new or upcoming albums. This is a must for any metal/hardcore fans.

Most of the songs come from the early half of 2013 but there are two albums represented that will be releasing in December. Those include Everything In Slow Motion's album, Phoenix, and My Epic's album, Behold, both of which I am looking forward to very much. I am also enjoying the Extol song, Open The Gates, quite a bit, I will have to pick up that full album.

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The Almost – Fear Inside Our Bones

Get the title track from The Almost's new album, Fear Inside Our Bones, for free over at Amazon. The song is available for free because they are one of the featured bands in Amazon's "Artists On The Rise" monthy free music promotion. 

I am really enjoying all of the songs that I have heard so far off of the new album, they have a great southern rock sound to them. I would recommend checking out the song I'm Down off of the album as well, you can see the lyric video here at YouTube I'm Down Lyric Video. You can also sample and purchase the full album at by following the links below to iTunes or Amazon.

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