Fleas Naughty Dog Vol. 3

Indie Vision Music has again teamed up with Rottweiler Records to bring you their new Christmas compilation titled Fleas Naughty Dog Vol. 3. The download is made available for free through Mediafire.

There is a good mix of genres here covering punk, rock, ska, rap, metal, country, power rock, among others. Also a mix of classics redone as well as some originals thrown in here and there. Read the rest of this entry

From The Eyes Of Servants – Passion

You can download the new song Passion by From The Eyes Of Servants for free over at Mediafire. The song is going to be on their upcoming new release through Red Cord Records.

From The Eyes Of Servants is a old school hardcore/punk band out of Rockford, Illinois. They are currently signed with Red Cord Records and have already released 2 full length albums and 2 EPs with them. You can still get their last full length album, Change The World, for free over here. The rest of their music can be purchased through iTunes or Amazon at the links below. Read the rest of this entry

Red Cord Records Summer Sampler 2012

Red Cord Records is giving away a free summer sampler through the good folks at IVM. There are twenty songs from different artists on their roster. Many of the songs come from more recent or new releases from the artists.

This is a great mix of heavier genres, a little bit for everyone who likes their music heavy. Metalcore, punk, hardcore, deathcore, hard rock, among others can be found on this compilation. Read the rest of this entry

Paper + Plastered Tour Sampler feat. Flatfoot 56

Flatfoot 56 is on tour with a handfull of other bands from the Paper + Plastick Record label and you can download a tour sampler over at Paper + Plastick's website. I'm fairly positive none of the other bands on the sampler qualify to be labeled under Christian downloads.

The two Flatfoot 56 songs that are on the sampler are Take Hold Again and Toil. Both songs come from the bands latest release titled Toil which can be sampled over at Amazon. Read the rest of this entry

Flatfoot 56 – Toil

Flatfoot 56 has a new album titled Toil that is due out on the 24th of this month. Jesus Freak Hideout has the title track available for free download over at their website. The song has an upbeat acoustic sound with his staple punk influenced vocals. From what has been said about the new album we can expect more of this style of music from Flatfoot 56. Read the rest of this entry

From The Eyes Of Servants – Change The World

From The Eyes Of Servants is a hardcore punk band signed to Red Cord Records. They have just released their new full-length album and are giving it away for free at their Facebook page. The download is available through Mediafire.

From The Eyes Of Servants is a band on a mission, this is what they had to say about the band on their Facebook Page. "Who we are – From The Eyes Of Servants. Missionaries to the children of this world. Set on spreading the Word of the Resurrection of Christ and what it means to follow him, we will go to the hurting people in this nation and tell them that there is hope……armed with God's blessing and inspirational hardcore music." Read the rest of this entry

Flatfoot 56 – I Believe It

Flatfoot 56 is a Celtic punk rock band out of Chicago, Illinois. They are giving away their new single I Believe It for free over at AbsolutePunk.net. The song I Believe It is the first single off of their new album Toil which is set to release through Paper + Plastick Records on July 24th. Flatfoot 56 is for fans of Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly. Read the rest of this entry

Sounds Of Salvation is a ska worship band out of the UK. They finished a tour at the end of last year and made an album from the music on that tour. The new album, Nuking The Fridge (Live), is a collection of songs from their past albums and many standard worship songs with their unique sound to them.

The album is very fun and a great alternative to the standard worship that you will hear from the regular worship artists. Complete with a fantastic horn section, gang vocals that at times sound like a bunch of pirates yelling, and songs like The Facebook Song, poking fun at well Facebook and the activity that goes on there. Read the rest of this entry

MxPx – Far Away

MxPx is a Christian punk band that has been making music since 1992. They are about to put out their ninth studio album, Plans Within Plans, on April 3rd and do a hand full of concerts to celebrate their 20th anniversary as a band. They are giving a free download of the song Far Away, which will be on their new album. Get the song fast because I don't think it will be up for free download very long. You can also sample the rest of the songs from the new album and pre-order it at Amazon. Read the rest of this entry

Blood & Ink Records – Spring Sampler 2011

Blood & Ink Records is a Christian record label that deals mostly with punk, metal, and hardcore bands. The have worked with bands such as Soul Embraced, Foreknown, and No Innocent Victim. And they have helped launch the careers of bands such as xLooking Forwardx, Blessed By A Broken Heart, Burden Of A Day, and With Blood Comes Cleansing.

This is a free sampler that Blood & Ink Released on their Bandcamp page. Download it while you can, who knows how much longer they will keep it up there. Read the rest of this entry

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