Mark Schultz – All Things Possible

Get a free download of the new Mark Schultz single All Things Possible over at K-Love Radio. The song comes from his new album of the same name. He drew inspiration for the song from his trip he took across the US on a bicycle in 2007. The trip took him from California to Maine, with stops along the way to perform concerts and participate in other events. The 3,500 mile trek came out of a trip he took to orphanages in Mexico, the purpose of the trip was to help meet the needs of orphans and widows in Mexico. The song simply states that we can do anything and everything through Christ. Read the rest of this entry

Gungor – Spotless, You Have Me (Live)

Get a live version of the Gungor songs Spotless and You Have Me for free download courteously of K-Love Radio. The song is off of Gungor's upcoming album A Creation Liturgy (Live), which is due out October 9th. When it is released you can pick it up over here Amazon or iTunes.

Gungor is husband and wife duo Michael and Lisa Gungor with a changing supporting cast. They are a rock worship band out of Denver, Colorado. Michael has coined the genre "Liturgical Post-Rock" to describe the music of Gungor. Read the rest of this entry

TopherMan – Self-Titled

Topherman have put up their self-titled album for free download again over at Noisetrade. They mentioned on their Facebook that the reason for putting it back up was because they have been getting a great response with their new EP Seek.

Topherman is an indie rock/worship band out of Jackson, Mississippi. For the most part I would throw them in the indie rock category but they cover many different genres on the album including blues on Cold And Lonely, post-rock on The Experimental, a bit of a country on Tower Of Lies, among others. Noisetrade says they are for fans of for fans of Cool Hand Luke, The City Harmonic, Explosions in the Sky, and Jesus Culture. Read the rest of this entry

Attalus – Post Tenebras Lux

Attalus have already given away 2 free songs from their latest release Post Tenebras Lux. Now they are giving you the whole album for free over at Noisetrade. After hearing the first 2 free songs I had to purchase the album, and it was well worth the money even though I could get it for free now. I highly recommend this album it's free and it's fantastic. If you are a fan of Thrice, Emery, or similar bands you need to check out Attalus.

They recently posted on their Facebook page that they also have 3 songs completed that they want to release as a free EP but they are not mixed or mastered yet. They are trying to raise $400 to do that so they can get more free music out to people. If you feel that you would like to give back to the band for the music feel free to do so here at their website with the donate button. Read the rest of this entry

The Ocean Walker – Into The Depths (EP)

Get the debut EP Into The Depths by The Ocean Walker for free at their bandcamp page. The Ocean Walker is a death metal band with post-rock influences throughout their music. They would be for fans of Meshuggah and Opeth, can't think of any Christian bands that fall in that category, any suggestions?. Read the rest of this entry

Across Waters is a post-rock instrumental band out of Denton, Texas. Their songs off of their first album More Light Is Never Ending are for the most part instrumental except for the very beginning of each song. Each song starts out with a bit of spoken word verses from the Bible. The album is a concept album, one of the band members says the album is, "The story of God's great narrative…in the creation story."

The sound of the band is compared to other bands such as Explosions In The Sky, This Will Destroy You, and Minus The Bear. The instrumentals are great and I like the spoken word to start off each song, giving a preview of the story that they are trying to portray through their instrumental. This is something that I think even non-Christians who enjoy instrumental post-rock will enjoy. Read the rest of this entry