Subtle City – Life After Death (EP)

Download Subtle City's new EP, Life After Death, for free over at their Bandcamp page. The album is listed as "name your price" so you can get it for free or support the band if you chose.

Subtle City is an independent metalcore band out of Portland, Oregon. You can also get their first EP, The Grey, for free at their Bandcamp page as well. Check out the lyric video for the track Brave below.

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Rejoice The Awakening – Broken Lens

Download the new Rejoice The Awakening song, Broken Lens, over at their Bandcamp page. You can download it for free or pay for it what you want.

Rejoice The Awakening is a melodic hardcore/metalcore band out of Jacksonville, Florida. Their last EP, Many Waters Many Floods, was released at the end of 2011. You can download that EP as well as their first one over at their Bandcamp too.

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Solid State, New Breed Summer Sampler 2013

Download the new Solid State sampler, New Breed Summer Sampler 2013, for free in exchange for you e-mail address. This compilation includes songs from some of Solid State Records newest bands signed.

The compilation offers two songs that are from albums that have not released yet. The My Heart To Fear song The Witching Hour Pt. II will be on their upcoming release, Algorithm, which is due out July 9th. And The Ongoing Concept contribute their song Cover Girl, which I assume will be included in their Solid State debut album Saloon, it is set to be released August 20th.

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Download the Wolves At The Gate song Pulled From The Deep for free over at their PureVolume page. The song comes from their 2010 Demo of the same name. You can also pick up two other songs for free at the page that are not on either of their Solid State Records releases. These songs are Veritas and So Augustine Won Some Wars.

Wolves At The Gate is a post-hardcore band from Cedarville Ohio. They have released two albums through Solid State Records that include the EP We Are The Ones in 2011 and a full length in 2012 titled Captors. I believe the two other songs that are available for download must be from past demos that have been released.

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Red Cord Records Summer Sampler 2012

Red Cord Records is giving away a free summer sampler through the good folks at IVM. There are twenty songs from different artists on their roster. Many of the songs come from more recent or new releases from the artists.

This is a great mix of heavier genres, a little bit for everyone who likes their music heavy. Metalcore, punk, hardcore, deathcore, hard rock, among others can be found on this compilation. Read the rest of this entry

Subtle City – The Lost & Found

Subtle City is a metalcore band out of Vancouver, Washington. They recently released their debut EP titled The Grey over at their Bandcamp page. From that album you can download the song The Lost & Found for free over at their Bandcamp page as well. The band is currently working on a follow up EP but do not have a release date yet for it.

Subtle City would be for fans of bands like We Came As Romans, Fallstar or For Today. Read the rest of this entry

His Legacy – Not Ours (EP)

His Legacy is a rock band out of Portland, Oregon that would be in the same vein as Emery and Anberlin, although their Christian faith comes out in the lyrics a lot more. They are giving away their first release, Not Ours, for free at their bandcamp page.

The album sounds great with fantastic faith based lyrics, some coming straight from scripture, and ambient guitars throughout most of the album. The album is for the most part along the lines of Emery's mellower music minus a few exceptions mostly coming from the tracks Follow and Warrior where they take on a hardcore sound. Read the rest of this entry

Attalus – Post Tenebras Lux

Attalus have already given away 2 free songs from their latest release Post Tenebras Lux. Now they are giving you the whole album for free over at Noisetrade. After hearing the first 2 free songs I had to purchase the album, and it was well worth the money even though I could get it for free now. I highly recommend this album it's free and it's fantastic. If you are a fan of Thrice, Emery, or similar bands you need to check out Attalus.

They recently posted on their Facebook page that they also have 3 songs completed that they want to release as a free EP but they are not mixed or mastered yet. They are trying to raise $400 to do that so they can get more free music out to people. If you feel that you would like to give back to the band for the music feel free to do so here at their website with the donate button. Read the rest of this entry

Watchers And Hunters – Hope

Watchers And Hunters is a hardcore band out of Vacaville, California. They are giving away their new EP Hope for free download at their Bandcamp page. The band is for the most part hardcore but they mix in some clean vocals in some of their songs as well. My favorite song on the album would have to be Beautiful. Great message of hope through all their lyrics. One to check out if you are into hardcore music.  Read the rest of this entry

We Follow One is giving away their new single So What Was Your Real Name for free for a limited time at their PureVolume page. We Follow One is a metalcore band that mixes many electronic elements into their songs, and at times the vocals also make me think pop punk.

So What Was Your Real name features Kelsey Wells as a guest vocalist and will be on an upcoming EP from the band, get the single for free while you can. If you like the song you can sample and buy their full length album Upside Down & Backwards through the links below at iTunes or Amazon. Read the rest of this entry

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