The extremely popular Christian site Jesus Freak Hideout has released it's first compilation album, and are giving it away for free. The album called, Songs We've Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven't) Volume One, is a compilation of mostly independent artists that they enjoy and think you need to hear. There are also some fairly well know bands on it such as Family Force 5, The O.C. Supertones, and Kids In The Way.

Most of the music is in the rock genre whether it be pop rock, hard rock, folk rock……. There is a handful of hip-hop/rap and electronic artists on it as well. If you are a metal fan there is not much for you here Fallstar's song Hunters I believe is the only song on here for you and it falls more in the hardcore category. I also noticed that the compilation is for the most part male dominated there are very few females represented on the album. Read the rest of this entry

Caleb And Sol – The Healing

Caleb And Sol are giving away their sophomore release The Healing for free at their bandcamp page. Caleb And Sol are a pop rock band out of Eugene, Oregon consisting of identical twins Caleb and Sol Rexius.

I have not listened to their first album in its entirety, but from listening to the samples on Amazon they have come a long way with their sound. Many of these songs on The Healing are something that you would find on any contemporary Christian radio station. The songs all have a faith-based message behind them and the music is catchy and upbeat. The album finishes off with a spoken word track that from what I understand is a graduation speech that Sol wrote, this may be one of my favorite tracks on the album actually. Read the rest of this entry

Slospeak – 2012 Summer Sampler

Get a free sampler from the indie rock record label Slospeak Records. This is a fantastic compilation featuring songs from Pioneer, Sons, Owen Pye, Blood And Water, and Golden Youth. This young record label has been putting out some great music, I look forward to more music coming from them. I've had Sons album Keep Quiet in regular rotation since I downloaded it a couple of months ago, seriously great stuff. I have not bought full albums from the rest of the artists on this compilation but after listening to them I will be soon. GET IT!!! Read the rest of this entry

Get the title track off of the latest release from the Newsboys, God's Not Dead. The album is the Newsboys second album with former DC Talk member Michael Tait as frontman. The song is written by Daniel Bashta and has been previously recorded by Kristian Stanfill and the David Crowder Band, but the Newsboys have pulled it off the best. The song also features Michael's former bandmate from DC Talk, Kevin Max, on vocals. If you would like to buy or sample the full album follow the links below. Read the rest of this entry

TobyMac – Made To Love (Telemitry Remix)

Get a remix of TobyMac's song, Made To Love, originally from his 2007 album, Portable Sounds. This remix comes from his latest album Dubbed & Freq'd: A Remix Project, which was released in March. This is a dubstep remix, and even though I have not listened to the rest of the songs from the album I would assume it is mostly done in the dubstep style.

If you want to sample the rest of the album you can do it here at Amazon or iTunes. To get the free download you have to follow the instructions on the page in the link. Get if fast, this expires 4/8/2012. (This offer is only valid through the US iTunes store) Read the rest of this entry

Switchfoot is giving you a free EP that they did at the John Perkins benifit concert. All you have to do is join their fan club Friends Of The Foot. This will give you, in addition to the free live EP, exclusive pre-sales, free merch at Switchfoot headlining shows, digital coupons for their online store, and you will be the first to get all updates on Switchfoot. And if you don't want all that just join to get the EP and then cancel your membership I guess.

The live EP features three songs from Switchfoot that were done to raise money for the John M. Perkins Foundation which is an organization that focuses on advancing the principles of Christian Community development and racial reconciliation throughout the world. The music has a different feel to it than the originals because it has a backing choir singing throughout. It's a great EP for any fan of Switchfoot. Read the rest of this entry

Matt Wertz – Twenty Three Places

Matt Wertz's new album Twenty Three Places is packed full of love songs. I think he gets kinda rolled into the Christian market more so because he got his start touring with Jars Of Clay. Most places label him as pop rock and compare him to artists like John Mayer, Jason Mraz and Marc Cohn, I also get a pop country feel to some of his songs as well. It's not my favorite style of music but he does it well, most of the songs are catchy. The download of the album also includes the title track from his new Christmas themed album Snow Globe. Read the rest of this entry

Matthew Mayfield – Now You’re Free

Matthew Mayfield has released six EPs and finally put out a much anticipated full length album. Better yet he is giving away his first album, Now You're Free, for free download on NoiseTrade. For the most part the album has an alternative rock sound, the NoiseTrade page says that fans of Ryan Adams, Dave Matthews Band and Pearl Jam should probably enjoy Matthew Mayfield as well.

I really enjoy the music, the vocals are fantastic. The song Can't Change Your Mind features Joy Williams from The Civil Wars on vocals. Fire Escape and Tonight were co-written with John Paul White of The Civil Wars. All around a great album that everyone should give a listen to. Read the rest of this entry

Plumb – Christmas 2011

Plumb is getting in the Christmas spirit by giving away 2 free Christmas songs on their Facebook page They are also giving away prizes if you join their "FAN-tastic Christmas event" and you get more chances to win the more people you invite to the event. Prizes given away are 2 Kindle Fire, 4 iPod Shuffle, 12 of their Beautiful History CDs, 12 Plumb shirts and 24 custom profile pictures for your Facebook page.

I did not join the event but I did download the music, you must "Like" their page to download the music. I personally think the lead singer has a beautiful voice so I did enjoy her version of "What Child Is This" quite a bit. "What Child Is This" is just a typical rendition of the song but "It's Christmastime" I believe is an original, didn't care for that one as much but still a good song. Read the rest of this entry

The Hawk In Paris – His + Hers

The Hawk In Paris is a supergroup made up of Dan Haseltine (lead singer of Jars Of Clay), Matt Bronleewe (former guitar player and writer for Jars Of Clay) and Jeremy Bose (Producer). Matt and Jeremy also work together under the name Bronleewe and Bose, mostly doing remixes for bands like Plumb, LeAnn Rimes and others.

The sound of the album is heavily influenced by 80s synthpop bands, some of the bands that they said they got influence from are Psychedelic Furs, Depeche Mode, New Order, The Eurythmics and Genesis. Although having a 80s synthpop feel to it I feel the band blended a newer electronic feel to it as well, there is also a handful of moments I reminded of U2. Read the rest of this entry

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