Chris Sligh – For Our God And King

Chris Sligh is probably best known for his 10th place finish in the sixth season of American Idol. Besides being a great singer he was also remembered as having an extensive knowledge of American Idol trivia, as well as his witty humor that was displayed throughout his time on the show.

Since his appearance he has released two solo albums with Word Records that have had some good success. In 2011 Chris felt that God was calling him to give away his music for free, so he parted ways with his record label and started a Kickstarter campaign to fund his next two albums. From the way it sounds he plans to rotate giving away an album for free then charging for the next one. Read the rest of this entry

The Afters – Life Is Sweeter

Get The Afters song Life Is Sweeter for free download over at iTunes courtesy of Air1 Radio. The song comes from their 2010 release Light Up The Sky.

The band has recently released a new song titled Life Is Beautiful, which is available on Life Is Beautiful - Single - The Afters and Amazon . The song is part of the soundtrack for the movie October baby, a movie based loosely on actual events of an individual that survived an abortion attempt. They are also in the studio working on a new album that I beleive should be out sometime this fall. Read the rest of this entry

I Was I Am – Praise You

I Was I Am is a worship band out of Salt Lake City, Utah. The band features David Elijah and Steven Delman who were formerly in the band Panima. They recently posted their new song on their Bandcamp page. You can download the song, Praise You, for any price you wish so you can get it for free or you can chose to support the band as much as you would like. This band is for anyone who also enjoys David Crowder Band, Chris Tomlin, and The Glorious Unseen.  Read the rest of this entry

T Bar M Camps (David Dunn) – Play It Out

T Bar M Camps is a Christian sports and adventure camp with locations in New Braunfels, Texas and on Lake Travis near Austin, Texas. Play It Out is their 2012 theme song and you can download it for free over at Amazon.

The song was wrote and produced by David Dunn who has some involvement with the camp, although I do not know how. David also has a handfull of albums that you can check out below at Amazon or iTunes. The song is upbeat and catchy, fun song for kids. There is a couple of other songs from the folks over at T Bar M Camps that you can check out over a T Bar M Camps as well. Read the rest of this entry

Sixpence None The Richer – Sooner Than Later

You can download the new Sixpence None The Richer song Sooner Than Later for free over at their website.

The song will serve as their first single off of their new album Lost In Transition which is due to release August 7th. You can preorder the album now here at iTunes or Amazon. Read the rest of this entry

MercyMe – You Know Better

You can get the MercyMe song You Know Better for free download over at K-Love Radio's website. The song is the opening track off of their latest album The Hurt And The Healer, which is MercyMe's seventh studio album. Read the rest of this entry

For King & Country – Busted Heart (Hold On To Me)

For King And Country is a contemporary Christian rock band out of Australia consisting of brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone. They are also the younger brothers of well known Christian recording artist Rebecca St. James.

Their new album Crave has been getting rave reviews and hitting the charts. You can get their latest single Busted Heart for free over at Air1 Radio's website through iTunes. The band has been compared to the likes of U2, Coldplay, and Switchfoot with a catchy pop rock song to many of their songs. Read the rest of this entry

The Choir – Flap Your Wings

To celebrate the last Cornerstone Festival ever The Choir is giving away their Grammy nominated album Flap Your Wings for free over at Noisetrade. The Choir was the first band to play at the very first Cornerstone Festival so the event holds a special place in the bands heart.

This download also includes the song The Forest which comes from their newest release The Loudest Sound Ever Heard which can be sampled at The Loudest Sound Ever Heard - The Choir. This download will only be available for one week so get it while you can. The Choir is probably for someone who also enjoys Jars Of Clay or similar bands. Read the rest of this entry

B.Reith – How The Story Continues

B.Reith just released a new mixtape called How The Story Continues for free at his website. The mixtape has a handfull of remixes off of his last album How The Story Ends. The album features many artists as guest vocalists including Lecrae, Lisa Gungor, Dre Murray, Theory Hazit, and more.

For the most part this is all rap/hip-hop but I also have it listed under R&B because Lonely Hearts has heavy R&B influence mostly coming from Kevin Olusola's vocals. I also listed this mixtape under pop rock because the Simple Days remix has a chorus that is very pop rock. Simple Days is probably my favorite from the album, I think it's because the music is Lou Reed's song Take A Walk On The Wild Side. Read the rest of this entry

Lovelite – In Three Persons Sampler

Lovelite is a euro-pop worship band out of Southern California. The band is fronted by the husband and wife team of Andre and Jen Polfer. They have recently released their new album In Three Persons and you can get a 4 song sampler over at the Come & Live website. Their profile says that anyone who enjoys Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Doves, Mew, and Peter Gabriel should enjoy their music.

Another fantastic release from the people over at Come & Live, I highly recommend you check them out and consider supporting their ministry Come & Live. If you want to purchase or sample the full album you can do so over at Amazon here Lovelite – In Three Persons. Read the rest of this entry

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