Andy Needham Band – Open Arms

You can get the new Andy Needham Band single, Open Arms, for free download over at the GMC website. The song is the first single released off of their new worship album, Lifted High. The song has a pop rock sound to it that reminds me a bit of Jason Mraz. The rest of the album is a little less pop than the single having a more contemporary worship style.

The new album, Lifted High, was produced by Grammy award-winner Mitch Dane, who is best known for his work with Jars Of Clay, Bebo Norman, and Brandon Heath. The album has a handfull of classic worship covers as well as their originals. You can sample or buy the new album here at Amazon. Read the rest of this entry

Remedy Drive – Better Than Life

You can download Remedy Drive's new single, Better Than Life, for free over at Air1 Radio's website. The song is from the bands upcoming new album Resuscitate, which will be their first release with their new record label, Centricity Records. The album is set to release September 18th and you can preorder it at iTunes or Amazon through the links below.

Remedy Drive is a pop rock band that has also went by the names The Aslan Band and just Remedy before deciding on the name Remedy Drive. Originally the band consisted of four brothers, three of them have since left the band leaving the lead singer David Zach the only original member left in the band. Read the rest of this entry

United Festival 2012 Sampler

You can download a free sampler from the United Festival over at Noisetrade. The album includes any different genres including rap (Lazzara), folk (Get In The Ark), worship (John Morales), rock (Remembering Venice) among others. There is a little something for everyone except the metal and heavier genres.

The United Festival is an all day Christian music festival that takes place at the First Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ohio. The festival features all of the artists that are on the sampler as well as a guest speaker, Josh Budka. They also have a 70 foot inflatable obstacle course, 16 foot slides, and jump houses. For the kids they have a the United Kidz Tent with activities, worship, skits and a special sermon designed specially for children. Read the rest of this entry

Stephen Miller – God And Sinner Reconcile

Stephen Miller released a new album in January called God And Sinner Reconcile. You can download the complete album for free over at his Bandcamp page. You will see that the full album is $10 to download, but if you download each song individual you can get them all for free.

Stephen Miller is the worship leader at The Journey in St. Louis, Missouri. He also takes his band around the world to lead worship at different conferences, concerts, and youth camps. Stephen also is involved with the charity Compassion International. He has been partnered closely with them for the last for years helping safe children out of extreme poverty all around the world. Read the rest of this entry

Tenth Avenue North – The Struggle

You can download the title track to Tenth Avenue North's newest album The Struggle for free over at the iTickets website. The lead singer shares a bit about the theme of the new record.

" The record's theme implies permission to struggle with life's challenges but encourages us not to remain in that place of struggle. Things are going to be hard but we have something greater to look forward to. We are free to struggle, but because of what Christ did on the cross, we don't need struggle to be free." Read the rest of this entry

Matthew Perryman Jones – Land Of The Living

Matthew Perryman Jones is a singer songwriter who currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. His latest album Land Of The Living is currently up for free download over at Noisetrade. The album was funded by a Kickstarter project that raised over $26,000. It was released a week early through the Blood:Water Mission website where you could download it for giving a $10 donation to the charity.

Matthew has had many of his songs featured on well known TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, Bones, Private Practice and many more. He also has gained more popularity recently after going on tour this spring with Jars Of Clay.  Read the rest of this entry

New Method – Shallow End

Head over to iTickets and get a free download of the New Method song Shallow End. The songs comes from their album The Path To Leave Behind, which was released earlier this year through Tate Music Group.

New Method is a pop rock band out of Westerville, Ohio. They would be for fans of Relient K and Hawk Nelson. Read the rest of this entry

The Rocket Summer – 200,000

Head over to Amazon and pick up The Rocket Summer's song 200,000 for free. The song comes from their latest album, Life Will Write The Words, which was released in June of this year.

The Rocket Summer is Bryce Avary, who plays all the instruments on his albums as well as writing all the songs and producing. The Rocket Summer is known for their upbeat pop rock sound, most people would throw them into the power pop category. But starting with his 2010 release Of Men And Angels along with Life Will Write The Words, Bryce has been taking on a more indie rock sound. Read the rest of this entry

Big Daddy Weave – Love Come To Life

K-Love Radio is offering the Big Daddy Weave song Love Come To Life for free download via iTunes. The song comes from their latest album of the same name that was released in April with Fervent Records. The song Love Come To Life is Big Daddy Weave's forth number one single.

This is what lead singer Mike Weaver had to say about the song. 

"The song is a message of putting hands and feet to the Gospel and it's a call to not just say we believe in love and helping those in need, but to actually live a life that reflects the love of Christ in every way." Read the rest of this entry

Capital Lights – Coldfront Heatstroke

Get the new Capital Lights pop rock song Coldfront Heatstroke for free download over at GMC TV's website. The song comes from their new Tooth & Nail release Rhythm 'N' Moves.

Capital Lights hit the scene in 2008 with their release This Is An Outrage, a pop punk album that got them quite a following. About a year after the release they announced their breakup disappointing many devoted fans. Read the rest of this entry

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