For King & Country – No Turning Back

Download the For King And Country song, No Turning Back, for free over at The Fish website. The song Comes from their new album Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong., you can purchase the full album over at iTunes or Amazon. The Fish is a contemporary Christian radio station out of Cleveland, Ohio. You can check out a stream of the radio station at their site as well.

For King & Country is brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone from Sydney, Australia. Joel and Luke are also the younger brothers of the well known Christian artist and speaker Rebecca St. James. For King & Country are probably best known for their single, Busted Heart, which was a huge hit off of their 2012 album Crave.

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U2 – Songs Of Innocence

U2 is giving away their new album, Songs Of Innocence, for free over at iTunes. The song will remain for free download until Oct 14th. Apple actually paid the band and Universal to give the album away to its customers for free.

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Jars Of Clay – Inland

Download the title track from Jars Of Clay upcoming album, Inland, for free. The download is made free as part of Rolling Stones' daily download.

Inland is Jars Of Clay's eleventh studio album. It is set to release August 27th through Grey Matters records. You can sample or purchase the full album over at iTunes or Amazon.

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Hawk Nelson – A Million Miles Away

Download Hawk Nelson's song A Million Miles Away for free over at Jesus Freak Hideout. The song comes from their latest release, Made, which was released in April through Fair Trade Services.

This may not be the Hawk Nelson that you know but it is still solid upbeat Christian rock music. They have went through many changes between the last album and this one. The lead singer, Jason Dunn, left the band early 2012 and Jonathan Steingard, the guitar player, has taken over the vocal duties. With this change the pop-punk style you may be used to has been replaced with more of a straight pop rock sound.

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Warr Acres – Hope Will Rise

You can download the new Warr Acres song Hope Will Rise for free over at the Victory Church website. The song has been released for free in efforts to help raise money with disaster relief efforts in Oklahoma.

Warr Acres is the worship band for the Victory Church in Oklahoma City, so the disaster is something that hits very close to home for them. Besides giving away this song for free they are also selling t-shirts with the "Hope Will Rise" logo you see below for $15, all proceeds from them will go directly to disaster relief efforts in Oklahoma.

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Paper Route – The Peace Of Wild Things

Paper Route is giving their latest album, The Peace Of Wild Things, for free over at Noisetrade. The album was released late last year and was the bands first album since one of their founding members, Andy Smith, left the band. I bought this album shortly after it was released and do not regret spending money for it, but you can pick it up for free!!!

After downloading the bands last album, Absence, (which can still be downloaded for free here Paper Route – Absence) I fell in love with the bands sound. A mix of indie rock/synthpop, the music just had a different sound than most other stuff you find out there. When I heard that Andy Smith was leaving the band I was disappointed because from what I understand he played a big part in the writing process of the music. But after hearing The Peace Of Wild Things I was not disappointed at all, even though the sound has changed a bit.

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Third Day – Hit Me Like A Bomb

Download the new Third Day song Hit Me Like A Bomb for free over at iTickets. The song is the opening track to their newest album, Miracle, which was just released on the 6th.

Third Day has went with a well known mainstream producer, Brendan O'Brien, on this album. You may know him from his work with bands such as Pearl Jam, Train, Incubus, Bruce Springsteen and many more. I haven't looked into the reasoning behind the move, but I assume they were looking for a change? If the rest of the album is anything like Hit Me Like A Bomb I'd say they found their change. No it's not drastic, but it's there, and I enjoy the song quite a bit. Read the rest of this entry

Alma – Pass It On

Download Alma's first EP titled Pass It On over at her Bandcamp page for free, or you may pay whatever you chose for it. Any money given for the album I believe will help in funding a video for the song Take 21. 

Alma's voice has a great soulfull sound, I have really been enjoying this album. Half of the album is soul/jazz influenced songs that would appeal to anyone who enjoys music from or similar to Fiona Apple. The rest are poppy acoustic songs, one of which has guest vocals from Rico which adds a rap element to the song. I have to say while she does both styles well I especially enjoy the soul/jazz songs, with her voice it just fits well. Read the rest of this entry

Anberlin – Safe Here

Get the Anberlin song Safe Here for free download over at the Destroy All Lines Facebook page. Safe Here is a B-side to their upcoming album, Vital, which is set to release on the 16th. You must like the page to get your free download, and you will also be added to the Anberlin and the Destroy All Lines mailing lists. You can always un-like the page after and unsubscribe to the e-mail lists if you feel the need to.

Destroy All Lines is a Australian promotion company for musicians. They got their start in 2003 and have since become one of Australia's larger music companies. They have a network of some of the most successful clubs and events in the country.  Read the rest of this entry

Paper Route – Absence + Better Life

Get a free download of Paper Route's album Absence for free over at NoiseTrade. The download also includes the bonus song Better Life, which comes from their newest album The Peace Of Wild Things. I'm not sure why it took me so long to post this because it has been up for a long time. Since I have downloaded it I have fell in love with their music, Fantastic Stuff!!!

When speaking of the album many people compare to bands such as The Postal Service, Coldplay, Mutemath, and Depeche Mode. I actually thought of Radiohead's Kid A/Amnesiac era as well. The music is a blend of indie rock and electro pop.  Read the rest of this entry

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