JesusFreakHideout has put together a metal compilation titled Rock, Paper, Scissors, Metal, and they are giving it away for free. The compilation includes songs from twenty six different bands in various genres of metal music. Hardcore, metalcore, death metal, screamo……… if you like the heavier genres there is something here for you to enjoy.

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As Crusaders Depart – Extenuate

Download the As Crusaders Depart single, Extenuate, for free over at their Bandcamp page. They also have two other songs available for download for free. The song quality for Extenuate is just better than the other two so I would recommend it.

As Crusaders Depart is a technical death metal band out of Florida. They are currently recording a new EP. Production on the song and I believe the new EP is done by Paul Butler, of the band Stealing Spines. If you are interested in covering any part of the song, or just want to watch the band in action, the video below is a complete play through of the song Extenuate.

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Letter To The Exiles is giving away two of the three songs from their new EP, Still Moving Still Breathing, for free over at the Facedown Records website. The songs include a new song titled Step Away as well as an acoustic version of the song A World Of Wicked Men, the original is from their album Make Amends. 

The last song on the EP that is not available for free download is a cover of the Foo Fighters song Best Of You. I enjoy the original and think they did a great job with it, putting a metalcore spin on it, but still keeping some clean vocals. You can check out the cover below, if you are interested in finishing the EP you can purchase the Best Of You over at iTunes or Amazon .

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Phinehas – Fleshkiller

Phinehas has released their new single, Fleshkiller, and you can download it for free. Just click on the link below and fill out the form to get the song download emailed to you. The form is to add you to their email list. The new song will serve as the first single from their yet to be released album, The Last Word Is Yours To Speak, which will se release through Red Cord Records soon.

Phinehas is a metalcore band out of La Mirada, California. If you like metal this song would be for you, great song looking forward to the full album. Phinehas has been selected to co-headline Red Cord Records Festival with From The Eyes Of Servants. The Festival takes place in Loves Park, Illinois on Saturday July 13th. The best part is the concert is free to attend.

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Christian Deathcore, Volume 1

If you haven't already found this and downloaded it, do so now. This is a Deathcore/Death Metal compilation put together by Christian Deathcore Promotion. 40 songs by 40 different bands, and you can name your own price! Any money given for the album will go to buy more credits to keep the download free.

I'm a little behind on this compilation, it was released at the end of last year. I had the post partially made when it was first released but never finished it………. so I finished it, enjoy.

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Soul Embraced – Like A Corpse

Soul Embraced have released their new single Like A Corpse for free download over at Noisetrade. The song comes from their album Mythos which will be released through Rottweiler Records July 9th. 

Soul Embraced has a death metal sound that would be for fans of Living Sacrifice, Impending Doom, Cannibal Corpse, Metallica and Pantera.

Never heard of Soul Embraced? Their most notable member would be their drummer, Rocky Grey. Rocky also plays drums for We Are The Fallen, Machina among other bands and is the guitar player for the band Living Sacrifice. He also used to be the drummer for Evanesce and has worked with Project 86 as well.

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Deviations – We’re All Murderers

Deviations posted their new single We're All Murderers on their Bandcamp page and you can name your price for it. The new song comes from their upcoming debut album, Stories From The Dead, which should see release soon from the way they are talking on their Facebook page.

The band has went through a hand full of lineup changes since they released their early EPs, including their vocalist. I have the first two EPs that they released and the vocals have more of a metalcore growl. Since then their former guitar player, Jake Bigby, has taken over the vocal duties. With the new vocal style the songs have more of a hardcore feel to them.

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Fleas Naughty Dog Vol. 3

Indie Vision Music has again teamed up with Rottweiler Records to bring you their new Christmas compilation titled Fleas Naughty Dog Vol. 3. The download is made available for free through Mediafire.

There is a good mix of genres here covering punk, rock, ska, rap, metal, country, power rock, among others. Also a mix of classics redone as well as some originals thrown in here and there. Read the rest of this entry

From The Eyes Of Servants – Passion

You can download the new song Passion by From The Eyes Of Servants for free over at Mediafire. The song is going to be on their upcoming new release through Red Cord Records.

From The Eyes Of Servants is a old school hardcore/punk band out of Rockford, Illinois. They are currently signed with Red Cord Records and have already released 2 full length albums and 2 EPs with them. You can still get their last full length album, Change The World, for free over here. The rest of their music can be purchased through iTunes or Amazon at the links below. Read the rest of this entry

Solace And Stable – Satisfiction

Statusfear Media has posted a free download of the song Satisfiction by Solace And Stable over at their Bandcamp page. The song if from the bands second release titled The Systematic Erosion Of Integrity which is now available at Amazon and iTunes through the links below.

Solace And Stable has a progressive metalcore sound that they describe as Between The Buried And Me meets For The Fallen Dreams. The single is great I would recommend the song for anyone who enjoys music similar to Between The Buried And Me, For Today, Misery Signals or The Red Chord. Read the rest of this entry

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