Crazy Crazy Awesome Awesome – Truth

Crazy Crazy Awesome Awesome is not every ones cup of tea clearly, based on the reviews that I browsed through on the web. I saw it most labeled as crunkcore, which I can only guess is screamo, rap and electronica all wrapped up in one, because that's what it sounds like.

Many people compared them to Brokencyde, but I don't know who that is and didn't care to check them out. I think anyone who enjoys Family Force 5 should probably give it a try. Their styles are similar but unlike FF5's lyrics, which seem to be mostly about dancing and very little about their Christian faith, Crazy Crazy Awesome Awesome does not hide their faith in the least. They put out lots of great Christian messages through their lyrics, two songs are spoken word talking about scriptures. This is one thing that I really like about this album because since I downloaded it two weeks ago it is the only thing that my kids have been requesting to listen to, they LOVE it!!! Read the rest of this entry

See The Light – Maranatha

Right away See The Light's Maranatha reminded me a bit of Andrew W.K., but a bit heavier. There is very clear Christian messages that come through in their music, some bands express their religious ideas without actually waving a flag that says, "Yes, we are Christians and this is a Christian album," but these guys do not hide the fact in the least.

I think most would put it in the category of metalcore their MySpace says spirit-filled hardcore. This is definitely a "heavy worship" album, they don't hide that they are singing about their Christian beliefs so they can appeal to a secular audience. The music is fantastic and a bit all over the place as far as music styles. The album has spoken word, worship, hardcore/metal, progressive metal and piano pieces are laced throughout beautifully. I have grown very fond of this album and it is one of my current favorites, it is something I can feel great about listening to with my kids around. Read the rest of this entry

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