Subtle City – Life After Death (EP)

Download Subtle City's new EP, Life After Death, for free over at their Bandcamp page. The album is listed as "name your price" so you can get it for free or support the band if you chose.

Subtle City is an independent metalcore band out of Portland, Oregon. You can also get their first EP, The Grey, for free at their Bandcamp page as well. Check out the lyric video for the track Brave below.

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Facedown Records Summer Sampler 2014

Download this years Facedown Records Summer Sampler for free over at their website. I know this has been out for a while but I figured I would post it in case anyone missed it. There is a fantastic collection of songs here. While your there you can also pick up a couple of their older samplers for free as well, if you don't already have them.

Some of my personal favorites on the sampler are Everything In Slow Motion, My Epic and Extol. I have bought all of their newest albums and they are all fantastic!! After listening to the sampler I will definitely be picking up some of the other albums that are represented here as well. Facedown always delivers with great faith based metal/hardcore/rock.

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I.N.D. – In Nomine Dei

Download I.N.D.'s 2011 EP In Nomine Dei for free over at their Bandcamp page. The album is listed as "name your price" so you can download it for free, or if you so choose you can always support the band as well.

I.N.D. is a female fronted hard rock/metal band out of Gdynia, Poland. I.N.D. stands for In Nomine Dei, which is Italian for "In the name of God." On the album the band mixes Polish and English vocals. The first two songs are metal and the last song is an acoustic song.

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Memphis May Fire – Action/Adventure

Get a free download of the Memphis May Fire song Action/Adventure over at Amazon. The song comes from their 2010 EP, Between The Lies. This was the last music that they released with Bullet Tooth/Trustkill Records before signing with Rise Records in 2011.

Memphis May Fire is a metalcore band with a southern influence to their music. Their lead singer, Matty Mullins, has a solo album coming out later this month through Rise Records. You can preorder his self-titled solo album over at iTunes or Amazon.

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Fit For A King – Descendants

Download Fit For A King's independently released album, Keep Me Alive, for free over at Noisetrade. The album was originally released in 2011 but they have re-recorded the album with completely new instrumentation and vocals. The album also features vocals from Jeremy Gray, the lead singer of Ivoryline and Matty Mullins, the frontman of Memphis May Fire. This free download will only be available for one week, so get it while it lasts.

Fit For A King is a metalcore band out of Texas. They would be for fans of August Burns Red and Memphis May Fire. They are currently signed with Solid State Records and have a new album, titled Slave To Nothing, coming out October 14th​. You can check out their first album recorded with Solid State, Creation/Destruction, over at iTunes or Amazon. iTunes also has their independent EP, Awaken The Vesper, for download.

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Oskord – Weapon Of Hope

Download the Oskord album, Weapon Of Hope, for free over at their Bandcamp page. The album is actually listed as "Name Your Own Price" so if you want to support the band feel free to give some money for the album.

Oskord is a folk metal band out of Keiv, Ukraine. Most of the members were formerly in the Ukrainian band Holy Blood before forming Oskord. The band formed in 2008 and in 2010 they completed their debut album, The Weapon Of Hope.

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Facedown Records 2013/2014 Winter Sampler

Download the new Facedown Records 2013/2014 Winter Sampler for free over at the Facedown website. The album includes 11 songs all from new or upcoming albums. This is a must for any metal/hardcore fans.

Most of the songs come from the early half of 2013 but there are two albums represented that will be releasing in December. Those include Everything In Slow Motion's album, Phoenix, and My Epic's album, Behold, both of which I am looking forward to very much. I am also enjoying the Extol song, Open The Gates, quite a bit, I will have to pick up that full album.

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Rejoice The Awakening – Broken Lens

Download the new Rejoice The Awakening song, Broken Lens, over at their Bandcamp page. You can download it for free or pay for it what you want.

Rejoice The Awakening is a melodic hardcore/metalcore band out of Jacksonville, Florida. Their last EP, Many Waters Many Floods, was released at the end of 2011. You can download that EP as well as their first one over at their Bandcamp too.

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Solid State, New Breed Summer Sampler 2013

Download the new Solid State sampler, New Breed Summer Sampler 2013, for free in exchange for you e-mail address. This compilation includes songs from some of Solid State Records newest bands signed.

The compilation offers two songs that are from albums that have not released yet. The My Heart To Fear song The Witching Hour Pt. II will be on their upcoming release, Algorithm, which is due out July 9th. And The Ongoing Concept contribute their song Cover Girl, which I assume will be included in their Solid State debut album Saloon, it is set to be released August 20th.

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Download the Wolves At The Gate song Pulled From The Deep for free over at their PureVolume page. The song comes from their 2010 Demo of the same name. You can also pick up two other songs for free at the page that are not on either of their Solid State Records releases. These songs are Veritas and So Augustine Won Some Wars.

Wolves At The Gate is a post-hardcore band from Cedarville Ohio. They have released two albums through Solid State Records that include the EP We Are The Ones in 2011 and a full length in 2012 titled Captors. I believe the two other songs that are available for download must be from past demos that have been released.

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