Heartforged – Near To My Heart (EP)

Enjoy dubstep/electronic music? You can head over to the Bandcamp page for Heartforged and download his recent EP Near To My Heart and name your own price for it (so you can download it for free or contribute whatever you wish to the artist for their music). This album is more of an ambient dubstep album as opposed to the straight hard dubstep you are used to, almost a blend of dubstep and trance.

Later this month you can pick up a Christian dubstep compilation album that features Heartforged on it. The album will be titled This Is Christian Dubstep 2012 and it will be released on Amazon on the 20th. The other artists featured on this compilation are Clique.316, Onnyx, Re5a, Oiwolf, Josiah Kramer, Matthew Parker and Sauce. Read the rest of this entry

Josh Garrels – Love & War, B-Sides & Remixes

Josh Garrels has released a b-sides and remix EP for his Love & War & The Sea In Between album at his website for free. The EP is simply titled Love & War, B-Sides & Remixes.

Their are four remixes done by Mason Jar, Aaron Strumpel, Kye Kye, and Josh Garrels teams up with Mason Jar to remix White Owl all of which turn out sounding good. I really enjoy the Aaron Strumpel remix, but I'm beginning to find out anything Aaron has his hands in ends up being great. The b-sides are Valor, Cynicism, and Run all great songs that just didn't make the cut to the full album for one reason or another. And finally the last track on the EP is actually a song from the hip-hop/rap group Beautiful Eulogy. The song is from their new album Satellite Kite which features Josh Garrels on vocals. Read the rest of this entry

Mel Beck – Morning Has Broken

Mel Beck self released an instrumental album earlier this year called Simple Gifts. He is sharing the song Morning Has Broken for free over at his bandcamp page for you to enjoy. The music is for the most part electronic although I believe there is live drums and some guitar on some of the songs. This particular song has acoustic guitar also in it which I don't believe you find on any of the other songs from the album.

This is what Mel had to say about the album, "Simple Gifts is an instrumental recording of eight songs of faith, recorded in my home studio, entirely by me, Mel Beck. This album is nothing more, and nothing less, than my expression of the awesomeness found in life's simplest of things." Read the rest of this entry

Michael W. Smith – The Blessing

I've always know Michael W. Smith as the chart topping worship artist. I was unaware, until I saw this free download, that he has made an classical instrumental album called Freedom. He just released his second instrumental album titled Glory, and you can get a free download of the song The Blessing from that album. If you enjoy the song and want to sample the other songs from Glory follow the links below. If you were unaware he has also recently released a new album of his most popular worship songs called Decades of Worship. Read the rest of this entry

Across Waters is a post-rock instrumental band out of Denton, Texas. Their songs off of their first album More Light Is Never Ending are for the most part instrumental except for the very beginning of each song. Each song starts out with a bit of spoken word verses from the Bible. The album is a concept album, one of the band members says the album is, "The story of God's great narrative…in the creation story."

The sound of the band is compared to other bands such as Explosions In The Sky, This Will Destroy You, and Minus The Bear. The instrumentals are great and I like the spoken word to start off each song, giving a preview of the story that they are trying to portray through their instrumental. This is something that I think even non-Christians who enjoy instrumental post-rock will enjoy. Read the rest of this entry

Stars Over Neon is a one man band with a ambient rock sound. Aaron Conti started the band in 2007 under the name GlenLake. Aaron has this to say about his music, " It's all in the name. According to the biblical book of Psalms, "the heavens declare the glory of God." Stars Over Neon is a reference to the shift in focus from the failing systems of man to God's wisdom, love and mercy on mankind." 

The demo is an instrumental, not sure if he has plans on finishing it with vocals or not. As of now he had plans for an EP release sometime soon but he ended up putting it off because he also states that he has had another idea for another EP he wants to put together but needs funds and a drummer. I don't know if we will ever see anymore music come from him but I hope to hear some I do enjoy the demo song that he put together. If you enjoy the music and wish to help fund you can leave a tip when you download the song. Read the rest of this entry