Abandon Kansas – Ad Astra Per Remix (EP)

Get the Abandon Kansas remix EP, Ad Astra Per Remix, for free below. This EP contains 3 remixes from their debut full length album with Gotee Records titled Ad Astra Per Aspera. Abandon Kansas has a indie rock sound but if you are not into electronic music you will probably not be into this EP.

I have seen on a handfull of reviews that they complain the only thing kept from the original song is the vocals the music itself does not take anything from the original. Yes these are remixes and yes the music is electronic, there is also a bit of dubstep on the Like It Or Not remix. I enjoy electronic music so this was not an issue for me. Oh, and by the way it was FREE!! Read the rest of this entry

Slospeak – 2012 Summer Sampler

Get a free sampler from the indie rock record label Slospeak Records. This is a fantastic compilation featuring songs from Pioneer, Sons, Owen Pye, Blood And Water, and Golden Youth. This young record label has been putting out some great music, I look forward to more music coming from them. I've had Sons album Keep Quiet in regular rotation since I downloaded it a couple of months ago, seriously great stuff. I have not bought full albums from the rest of the artists on this compilation but after listening to them I will be soon. GET IT!!! Read the rest of this entry

Thousand Foot Krutch – War Of Change

Thousand Foot Krutch is a nu metal/hard rock band out of Ontario, Canada. After releasing their last four albums with Tooth & Nail records Thousand Foot Krutch has left the label to release their new album, The End Is Where We Begin, independently. They used Kickstarter to help with extra funding, and are one of the most funded Kickstarter music projects to date.

iTickets is giving away the song War Of Change, which comes from that album, for free for a limited time. Get the song if you missed it for free on Noisetrade a while back. The album was recently released and can be sampled or bought here at iTunes or Amazon. Read the rest of this entry

ToddO – 1234567 EP

ToddO is a Christian indie rock musician from Orange County, California (not to be confused with Todd-O, who is not Christian and not rock). He records all of the music at his home studio and does all of his own editing on a laptop. The last couple of years he has independently released a handfull of singles that you can get on iTunes and Amazon below. The singles are My New Life Is Here, and different versions of Freedom In You and Who Is This.

He has recently released his first EP titled 1234567 EP, a great indie rock offering with some solid Christian lyrics. My favorite songs are Dave and Hallelujah Chorus, which makes me think of U2, but maybe that's just me. Here is a video of the making of the 1234567 EP, where he goes through the different songs telling a bit of info on each of them. Read the rest of this entry

Pas Neos – City Of The Great King

Pas Neos is a breath of fresh air for someone looking to hear something different in Christian music, or music in general. Their music for the most part is electronic with some indie rock influence throughout. All of the lyrics are based on Scripture some just being verses taken straight from the bible, placing it nicely in the worship category as well.

After sampling the rest of the album I had to get it. This is a download for the song City Of The Great King, which is one of the songs off of their latest album The Wheat And The Tares. If you like what you hear you can purchase the full album here at Amazon or iTunes. I highly recommend getting the full album, I did and I love it!! Read the rest of this entry

Least Of These – More Than Conquerors

Least Of These released their debut EP, More Than Conquerors, in the summer of 2011 and from what I have seen it is getting great reviews, for good reason. The band has put the album up on their Bandcamp page and you can name your own price for it. They are a rock band that also get labeled as post-hardcore, melodic rock, and indie rock. They are currently on tour with Sons, which if you enjoy them I would recommend checking out Least Of These as well. This band is for fans of As Cities Burn, So Long Forgotten, and Thrice. Read the rest of this entry

Brother, Nature – King (EP)

Brother, Nature is an indie rock band out of Indianapolis, Indiana. They are at the moment unsigned, but I can't see it taking to long for them to be picked up by a record label. Their first release is an EP titled King, which was independently released.

Nowdays more and more independent albums are sounding much better with all the technology that is available to unsigned artists. But I think the music and sound quality of Brother, Nature's debut EP is really good. They also have great lyrics to go with the music, which makes for a solid debut from the band. Read the rest of this entry

The Skies Revolt – Is Alive And Well

The Skies Revolt is a band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have a great experimental indie rock sound that is quite different than most of the music out there right now. The album Is Alive And Well is my favorite album that they have released and they are giving it away on their Bandcamp page and letting you name your price.

The band is currently working with Josh Cain and Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack to release a new 7" on Motion City Soundtrack's new record label The Boom Box Generation. This is part of a project that The Boom Box Generation is doing with Mad Dragon Records. The project is called Making Moves and will consist of releasing six 7" records with six different emerging artists. Read the rest of this entry

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