J.R. – Murray’s Grammar, New Rules

J.R., also known as Courtney Peebles is a Christian singer producer that was former signed to Cross Movement Records where he released two albums Metamorphosis and Life By Stereo. He has since left to independently make music. He released his first Mixtape named Murray's Grammar, New Rules and gave it away for free.

It's hard to put this album in one musical genre because there are so many different styles throughout. He draws from rock, soul, hip-hop, alternative among others throughout the album. The list of influences that he lists on his Facebook page sums it up well Sade, Kenna, 4th Avenue Jones, Lenny Kravitz, Sting, U2, Coldplay, The Beatles, Prince, Radiohead, and N.E.R.D. There are a handful of times that the music reminded me of Lenny Kravitz and Kenna definitely came to mind numerous times throughout the album. I have been a big fan of Kenna so as far as I'm concerned that's a good thing. Read the rest of this entry

Trip Lee – Robot

Trip Lee's new single Robot comes from his new album, The Good Life, that is scheduled to be released 4-10-12. You may also know Tripp from being a founding member of the group 116 Clique. To be honest I generally do not listen to rap/hip-hop but when browsing through the songs up on NoiseTrade I gave this one a listen and it immediately caught my attention. I'm not sure exactly it was about the song but it got stuck in my head.

Trip has a Christ-centered message in all of his music, he has even been nominated for a Dove award for his album Between Two Worlds. If you enjoy rap/hip-hop I would definitely give this a listen, and if you don't check it out anyways maybe you might like what you hear. Read the rest of this entry

Crazy Crazy Awesome Awesome – Truth

Crazy Crazy Awesome Awesome is not every ones cup of tea clearly, based on the reviews that I browsed through on the web. I saw it most labeled as crunkcore, which I can only guess is screamo, rap and electronica all wrapped up in one, because that's what it sounds like.

Many people compared them to Brokencyde, but I don't know who that is and didn't care to check them out. I think anyone who enjoys Family Force 5 should probably give it a try. Their styles are similar but unlike FF5's lyrics, which seem to be mostly about dancing and very little about their Christian faith, Crazy Crazy Awesome Awesome does not hide their faith in the least. They put out lots of great Christian messages through their lyrics, two songs are spoken word talking about scriptures. This is one thing that I really like about this album because since I downloaded it two weeks ago it is the only thing that my kids have been requesting to listen to, they LOVE it!!! Read the rest of this entry

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