Bryson Price has just released a new dubstep remix of Lecrae's song No Regrets. You can download it for free over at his Soundcloud Page.

The song features Suzy Rock and the original comes from Lecrae's latest mixtape titled Church Clothes. You can check out the original as well as download the full mixtape over here Lecrae – Church Clothes. Read the rest of this entry

Trip Lee – The Good Life (Book)

Trip Lee has his first book coming out October 1st through Moody Publishers. The book is titled the same as his latest album, The Good Life. This book is to take you into an in depth look at some of the subjects that were touched on in the album. There is only so much you can get across within the lyrics of a song so Tripp wanted to take the time to give you more insight into what he wanted to get across with his work.

You can head over to the website below and get a free download of the first chapter of The Good Life Book. While there you can sign up to be notified when the book is released. Or you can just pre-order the book over at Amazon now. Pre-Order Trip Lee The Good Life (Book). The book is available in paperback and kindle edition. Read the rest of this entry

Derek Minor (Pro) – PSA Volume 3

Who is Derek Minor? Formerly known as Pro. This is what the cover of Derek Minor's new mixtape, PSA Volume 3, says. It looks as though he will be loosing the Pro moniker and continue making music under his real name instead. As the lead track Higher says, "introducing Derek Minor."

The mixtape as always includes a wide variety of guests in including well known stars like Trip Lee, Lecrae, Sho Baraka, Tedashii and many more. There is also a handfull of different producers who took part in PSA Vol. 3 including Sarah J, Wes Pendleton, Matt Houston, and Deeonthetrack among others. Derek himself also took the liberty to produce six of the tracks himself. Read the rest of this entry

DJ Official posted a link to a new remix he did of Trip Lee's song I'm good. The remix is basically a mash-up with Mutemath's song Odd Soul, hence the name Muted Soul Remix.

DJ Official has recently released a mixtape called I Didn't Invent The Remix that you can check out over here. You can also check out his handy work over at DJ Official and Amazon where you can find his album Entermission. Read the rest of this entry

Sean Simmonds has released a new EP on his website for free download. The EP is titled Long Story Short: The Genesis EP and it is a precursor to his upcoming album The Genesis which will be released early 2013. Sean's music up to this point is mainly in the R&B genre but this EP serves as his entrance into the world of hip-hop/rap.

The first single off of the EP is Fireproof, a song about the struggles of growing up in a single parent and dealing with the volatile nature of the music industry. The song is a good indicator of what is to come from Sean's full length, seamlessly fusing R&B and hip-hop together.  Read the rest of this entry

You can download a remix of Trip Lee's song I'm Good for free over at DaSouth's Soundcloud page. The song is remixed by Jared Lafitte who is also known as Jaylafe. The song also features fellow Reach Records star Lecrae on vocals.

The original version of I'm Good is from Trip Lee's newest album The Good Life, which was released by Reach Records in April. The album, which features many guest artists, debuted at number 17 on the Billboard 200, making it the second highest charting Christian hip hop album of all-time.  Read the rest of this entry

Hostyle Gospel – Mixtape Vol. 4, The Calm

Hostyle Gospel is a hip-hop/rap group out of Champaign, Illinois. Earlier this year they released their forth mixtape titled The Calm. I saw it mentioned somewhere that this is the first of two mixtapes  the second one being called The Storm.

Hostyle Gospel gained popularity with their song Jesus Invented Crunk from their first album Let Me At Em. They also were nominated for a Dove award this year for their song Coming Back Again which comes off of their latest album Immortal Combat which was released last year. Read the rest of this entry

KB – Here We Go (Feat. PK Oneday)

KB has just released his new album Weight & Glory on Reach Records. You can get a free download of the song Here We Go, which comes from the album, over at GMC TV. Here We Go is a rap/worship song that features vocals from PK Oneday.

KB's new album Weight & Glory has been getting rave reviews and has been riding high on the iTunes charts. The album features many other artists such as Trip Lee, Lecrae, Flame, Suzy Rock, and many more. You can check out the rest of the songs from the album here at Weight & Glory - KB or Amazon . Read the rest of this entry

E-Fetti is a hip-hop/rap artist out of Raleigh, North Carolina. He started rapping at a young age but gave up on his dream and got involved with a gang. He made a name for himself within the gang and climbed the "ranks" fast until he ended up serving one year in prison. When let out he went back to the streets, the thing he new best, selling drugs. Later it caught up with him and he served a second time in prison on trafficking charges. After getting out the second time he was done with it all.

"I was on top of the world, I didn't turn to God because I lost everything, I didn't lose anything, but I turned to God for one reason. Somebody told me I could change my situations through righteous praying, and I wanted to see if it was true."–E-Fetti Read the rest of this entry

Young Chozen – Night Light

Young Chozen has released his new mixtape Night Light. This mixtape was made as an outreach tool for the lost party culture. On it he takes songs from popular artists such as Flo Rida, Fun, T-Pain, B.O.B., Chris Brown, and many more and makes them his own giving them a positive Christian message. Taking songs about drinking, drugs, and sex and making them into something positive is a great idea.

Here is a little of what Young Chozen had to say about the mixtape "Our world right now is obsessed with the night life, this party culture has taken over everything……. I feel it's time that we leave the safety of rapping only for youth groups and do something about it…… We need to be the "Night Lights" of a culture that is dying and going to hell….. If you want something you could play anywhere at a party, club, event, for any crowd then THIS IS YOUR MIXTAPE." Read the rest of this entry

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