An Illect Recordings Christmas Recording

Need some more Christmas music? Download An Illect Recordings Christmas Recording for free over at their Bandcamp page. Illect Recordings is an indie hip-hop/rap record label out based in Washington and Minnesota.

This album if from 2009 but I figured I'd post it incase you have not picked it up yet. All of the songs are hip-hop/rap with the exception of Elias' song Maria which has a Reggae feel to it. Read the rest of this entry

Fleas Naughty Dog Vol. 3

Indie Vision Music has again teamed up with Rottweiler Records to bring you their new Christmas compilation titled Fleas Naughty Dog Vol. 3. The download is made available for free through Mediafire.

There is a good mix of genres here covering punk, rock, ska, rap, metal, country, power rock, among others. Also a mix of classics redone as well as some originals thrown in here and there. Read the rest of this entry

Alma – Pass It On

Download Alma's first EP titled Pass It On over at her Bandcamp page for free, or you may pay whatever you chose for it. Any money given for the album I believe will help in funding a video for the song Take 21. 

Alma's voice has a great soulfull sound, I have really been enjoying this album. Half of the album is soul/jazz influenced songs that would appeal to anyone who enjoys music from or similar to Fiona Apple. The rest are poppy acoustic songs, one of which has guest vocals from Rico which adds a rap element to the song. I have to say while she does both styles well I especially enjoy the soul/jazz songs, with her voice it just fits well. Read the rest of this entry

Propaganda – Excellent

Head over to the Humble Beast website and download the new Propaganda album Excellent. I don't post a ton of music in the rap genre, but I have been listening to this one at work lately. Good music and fantastic lyrics, you need to check this album out even if you don't generally listen to the rap/hip-hop genre.

The album was produced by Beautiful Eulogy, which is a team made up of Courtland Urbano, Braille and Odd Thomas. There are many different guest vocalists on the album as well including Theory Hazit, Sho Baraka, Kevin Olusola and Joel Davis from Ascend The Hill. The album is clearly a rap album but there are many parts where it ends up being spoken word. Their is also a worship element added to the song Lofty courtesy of Joel Davis from the Come&Live worship band Ascend The Hill. Read the rest of this entry

Datin – Turn It Off Vol. 1

STYLWYLD Music presents Datin's new album Turn It Off Vol. 1 on Rapzilla for free download. The album is produced by Tee-Wyla and mixed by Change. The album features a handfull of different artists like Lavoisier, Bizzle, Raging Moses, Mr. ENC, Bumps INF, Selah Tha Corner, Zay Tate, Lionel King, and DJ YNOT. Read the rest of this entry

Rapzilla recently ran a remix contest for the Trip Lee song I'm Good. The original comes off of his newest album The Good Life, which can be sampled below at iTunes or Amazon. They gave away some great prizes like Logos Bible Software and various merchandise from Trip Lee, Rapzilla, and King Kulture.

They have picked a winner and the song is now posted up at the Rapzilla website and Soundcloud page for free download. The winner of the remix contest was Joseph Mobley, AKA Branded Royalty. If you like what he did with the remix you can check out more of his beats over at his website here. At the moment you can purchase his beats for a great price, $20 for full exclusive rights. From what I have seen before that seems like a great price, I assume with the recent exposure for his remix these prices may go up soon. Read the rest of this entry

Propaganda has a new single available for free download titled I Ain't Got An Answer. The song features Sho Baraka of the High Society collective. I Ain't Got An Answer will serve as the first single from Propaganda's upcoming album Excellent, which is due out on September 25th through Humble Beast Records.

The lyrics to this song are fantastic, I highly recommend taking a listen even if you are not into rap music. The song focuses on the struggles that we face as parents, which hits close to home for me having four children of my own. Sho Baraka has some very personal lyrics on the song, rapping about raising his son who suffers from autism. The song has some content that is probably not appropriate for a younger audience, this song is more geared toward people of parental age. Read the rest of this entry

Matthew Parker released this song a while ago on his Soundcloud page but I just recently discovered the song and enjoy the lyrical content very much, so I decided to share. The song, This Is Madness, is available for free download as well on his page, he reached his limit but there is a link in the comments to get it through Mediafire.

This is what he says about the song, "I wrote this song about abortion to help people see what a terrible thing it is to kill unborn children, no matter if they are unwanted, unhealthy, or defective. God gave each person life, and when you kill an unborn baby, you're killing a human being." Read the rest of this entry

DJ YNot & Tee-Wyla – Bmore Like Christ

Tee-Wyla and DJ YNot have finally released their remix album Bmore Like Christ, and you can download it free over at Noisetrade. The album features music from Lecrae, Young Chozen, KB, Thi'sl, Byron Cage and many more.

I have been looking forward to this albums ever since I downloaded the remix they did of KB's song Zone Out. They did a fantastic job remixing the song one of may favorite songs as of recent. Now that I downloaded the rest of the album the KB song is still my favorite but there is lots of good stuff on here to listen to. Between this album and Young Chozen's new mixtape, Night Light, there is plenty of new Christian dance/club music for people who enjoy the genre. Read the rest of this entry

United Festival 2012 Sampler

You can download a free sampler from the United Festival over at Noisetrade. The album includes any different genres including rap (Lazzara), folk (Get In The Ark), worship (John Morales), rock (Remembering Venice) among others. There is a little something for everyone except the metal and heavier genres.

The United Festival is an all day Christian music festival that takes place at the First Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ohio. The festival features all of the artists that are on the sampler as well as a guest speaker, Josh Budka. They also have a 70 foot inflatable obstacle course, 16 foot slides, and jump houses. For the kids they have a the United Kidz Tent with activities, worship, skits and a special sermon designed specially for children. Read the rest of this entry

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