Red Cord Records Summer Sampler 2012

Red Cord Records is giving away a free summer sampler through the good folks at IVM. There are twenty songs from different artists on their roster. Many of the songs come from more recent or new releases from the artists.

This is a great mix of heavier genres, a little bit for everyone who likes their music heavy. Metalcore, punk, hardcore, deathcore, hard rock, among others can be found on this compilation. Read the rest of this entry

Owls In The Attic – Contender (EP)

Owls In The Attic has just announced the release of their debut EP Contender. They just posted a link to Mediafire so you can download the seven song EP for free in a zip file. The album includes an updated version of their song Green Means Go In Kentucky Too, which was a song they previously had up for free download at their Facebook page I believe. 

If you don't know Owls In The Attic they are a metalcore band out of Nashville, Tennessee. If you like bands like For Today, Underoath or The Devil Wears Prada I would suggest checking them out.  Read the rest of this entry

Amens & Omens – Perceptions (EP)

You can download three songs from Amens & Omens' EP Perceptions for free over at their Purevolume page. I do not know if the complete EP was ever finished or released. Last I can tell it was supposed to be released in 2011, but I could not find any info on the release. 

Amens & Omens is, or was, a Christian metalcore band out of Bakersfield, California. I say, or was, because I am not sure they are even playing together anymore. Their last post on their Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr was on February 5th and said "Good News – coming soon." So far that news has never came, there has been nothing after that. Read the rest of this entry

Subtle City – The Lost & Found

Subtle City is a metalcore band out of Vancouver, Washington. They recently released their debut EP titled The Grey over at their Bandcamp page. From that album you can download the song The Lost & Found for free over at their Bandcamp page as well. The band is currently working on a follow up EP but do not have a release date yet for it.

Subtle City would be for fans of bands like We Came As Romans, Fallstar or For Today. Read the rest of this entry

We The Gathered – Orphaned

We The Gathered is a Christian hardcore band signed with Strike First Records, a subdivision of Facedown Records. They are giving away a free download of their new song Orphaned via Mediafire. Orphaned will most likely be on the upcoming album that they are currently recording. The lyrics to the song Orphaned are also located at the link below.

Since releasing their debut album Believer with Strikefirst Records, We The Gathered has went through a couple of lineup changes. These changes include their guitar player late 2011 and their lead singer earlier this year. The band has regrouped and are working to release their new album early next year I believe. Read the rest of this entry

We The Colossus – Walls Of Jericho

We The Colossus is a metalcore band out of New Bedford, Massachusetts. They are giving away a free download of their new song Walls Of Jericho over at their Facebook page. I'm assuming that this song is off of their upcoming EP titled The Beauty In Struggle, which does not have a definite release date yet.

I would recommend We The Colossus for anyone who enjoys bands in the same vein as For Today or August Burns Red. I'm looking forward to hearing the EP, Walls Of Jericho is a solid start for the band. Read the rest of this entry

We Came As Romans – To Plant A Seed

This is not a download for the full album To Plant A Seed by We Came As Romans, just the title track from that album. You can also get the second track off the album at their website as well. Their album To Plant A Seed was the bands first full-length release and it was also their first music released with a record label.

The lead singer has said that they are not a "Christian Band", and technically they are not I guess because there are non-Christians in the band. But the lead singer is a Christian and he also writes the lyrics. His Christian faith comes out alot in his lyrics so as far as I'm concerned it's Christian music. Read the rest of this entry

Words Like Vines – Faithless

Words Like Vines has released a new song titled Faithless and have posted it for free download on their Soundcloud and Facebook pages. You can check out the lyrics here Faithless Lyrics. The song will be on their upcoming EP We Are The Branches, which should be released soon.

Words Like Vines is a progressive hardcore band out of Jacksonville, Florida. They would be for fans of August Burns Red, For Today, and Texas In July. Read the rest of this entry

Nothing Til Blood is a spirit-filled hardcore band out of Birmingham, Alabama. The band signed with First Strike Records in 2011 and released their debut album When Lambs Become Lions.

Today they released a new song on their Facebook page that is for free download. The new song Forever Forward features the lead singer of Sleeping Giant, Tommy Green. You can check out the lyrics to Forever Forward here Forever Forward Lyrics. Read the rest of this entry

Widower – Desoto (EP)

Widower is a hardcore band out of Pinson, Alabama. They have just released their debut EP Desoto over at their Bandcamp page and you can name your price for it. Download it for free or support the band as much as you want.

At their Facebook page they list their influences as Advent, Call To Preserve, Foundation, and Converge. The EP is actually named after a Call To Preserve song, the band states that it is one of their favorite bands. You can also check out all of the lyrics from the EP as well as a short explanation of what the songs are about. I suggest checking them out, they have great lyrics. Check out the lyrics here. Read the rest of this entry

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