Feel The Place Go Boom is a song done by Thousand Foot Krutch for Grand Canyon University. Grand Canyon University was opening their new arena and seeing their sports programs growing so they looked to add some music that would excite the students at GCU. They looked to Trevor McNevan, the lead singer of Thousand Foot Krutch, to create the new GCU anthem.

Writing sports anthems is something that seems to come naturally to Trevor, his song Fire It Up was one of the most played songs at NHL and NBA games in 2010. He also wrote a song for his friend Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators NHL team. They play the song every time Mike makes a goal. Read the rest of this entry

Sons – Keep Quiet

In no way is this a free album. This is the first post I put on here for an album that is not free. I put it on here because I received mine in the mail yesterday and am loving it. From browsing around the internet I see many others feel the same way. I have not seen anyone post anything negative about Sons new album Keep Quiet.

You can preview of the band by downloading their EP, The Genesis Prologue, for free here Sons – The Genesis Prologue. The EP was released with Come and Live and includes 2 of the songs that made it to the their new album Keep Quiet. The songs on the album are a little different versions than the ones on the EP but still give you a good idea of what they sound like. So check out the EP and if you enjoy it I highly recommend buying Sons album Keep Quiet. Read the rest of this entry

Nine Lashes is the newest band signed to Tooth & Nail Records. They were introduced to the label by Trevor McNevan, the vocalist of Thousand Foot Krutch. Trevor also is a guest singer on their new album World We View along with the lead singer of Demon Hunter, Ryan Clark.

Nine Lashes is an alternative rock band, I'd say anyone who enjoys the sound of Thousand Food Krutch should enjoy them as well. The song for download is Adrenaline, it is off of their new album World We View and it is the song that Trevor McNevan is the guest vocalist on, so check it out. Read the rest of this entry

Solid State Records – Sampler

Solid State Records is a sister label of Tooth & Nail Records. They were started to showcase the heavier bands that did not fit as well with the rest of the bands on Tooth & Nail. This album is different from the compilation, I Am Solid State, you can download for free on their Facebook page.

Although it does have three repeat songs from I Am Solid State it has plenty of new stuff for you to listen too. There are also two songs that appear on the Tooth & Nail Sampler that I just posted. Those two songs come from Underoath and Emery, the two bands with a sound that is always riding the line between Solid State and Tooth & Nail. Read the rest of this entry

Tooth & Nail Records – Sampler

Tooth & Nail Records gives away some more free music. This sampler is thirteen songs that show off some of the diverse genres that they offer. Sure there is plenty of poppy punk songs but there is some different songs mix. I may be fairly out of touch with the Tooth & Nail Records band roster because there is a lot of bands on here I have never heard of.

They start the sampler off with one of my favorite bands to ever come from Tooth & Nail. Right away I noticed that it seems Emery got a bit heavier than I remember, definitely the heaviest song on the album. Followed my Underoath's new song Paper Lung which is another great song from them, that one ends a bit heavier as well. They include The Almost song Monster Monster even though it is fairly older, kinda wish they would just stick to newer music for samplers. Swimming With Dolphins song Sleep To Dream has a bit of a 80s synthpop feel to it, and they do it well. To be honest I'm not the biggest fan of poppy punk music so a handful of songs from this album will not end up in my regular playlist. They finish off the sampler with a live version of Fire It Up by Thousand Foot Krutch. I always enjoy the upbeat hard rock songs that they release. They have a way of making songs that are fun and catchy that end up stuck in your head. Read the rest of this entry

Sons Of God – The Genesis Prologue

First off let me start out by saying that Sons Of God has now taken the name of just Sons, I can only assume because there is another band by that name, the band is Christian as well but it's a very different style of music, I'd say southern influenced metal. The Sons Of God that did this album on the other hand are mostly labeled as indie rock, and as far as I'm concerned are much more musically talented. So make sure you get the right band if you are looking into them more (this is the correct band http://www.myspace.com/wearesonsofgod, not this one http://www.myspace.com/thesonsofgod).

Ok, now that that is taken care of lets get to the album. The album is actually just an EP with three songs, but these three songs are getting rave reviews. The lead singer Aaron Newberry has a fantastic and unique voice that really grows on you. And the lyrics are very clear on their faith and beliefs, Aaron Newberry had this to say. "We want to let people know that we're not just up here playing music. It's the medium in which we serve. Sons Of God is built with the intent to minister to, encourage, convict, and send out disciples who are ready for battle. I really want to communicate to people that we're currently in a generation that is okay with going to church and not really being Christians. But church doesn't save you…… and Biblical illiteracy is killing us." Read the rest of this entry

UnMasKd – Mask Of Me (Single)

UnMasKd is a nu metal band out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I think UnMasKd does what they do well they are more of hard rock then metal I would say, the bands Red, Killswitch Engage and Pillar come to mind. The download is for their new single Mask Of Me, which they say is an old song they did about two years ago and now re-recorded.

The single comes with a version that has screaming vocals at parts in it and a more radio friendly version where he is whispering those same vocals. The song is good, if you enjoy the bands that I mentioned above this is a band to checkout.. Read the rest of this entry

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