Todd0 (ToddZero) – Kid Heart

ToddZero is giving away his new album, Kid Heart, over at Noisetrade. Not sure how long this will be up for free because it will be seeing an official release on June 4th through Hembot Recordings. I really enjoyed his first EP and this album shows great growth in his music. Building on what he did so well with his indie rock sound he also integrates some electronic elements/synth into this album. I highly recommend getting this album. Fantastic indie rock music! Positive Christian message.

ToddZero has recently moved his website as well as his Facebook page using ToddZero as his name instead of Todd0. Which is odd because I always thought it was ToddO, as in the letter O. Anyways you can find his new website here and new Facebook page here ToddZero.

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Pilgrim – Pilgrim

Download the debut album from Josh White's new project, Pilgrim, for free over at Noisetrade. The self-titled album is said to be a soundtrack to his youth, the album feeds off of his love of many different musical styles including but not limited to glam, new wave, and trip-hop. They say it better than I could, "It's as if Roxy Music merged with New Order, and was remixed by Massive Attack."

I have never really followed Josh White, but after listening to this album and realizing he is the brains behind The Followers as well I feel the need to check into his other projects that he has been involved in. These would include two solo albums as well as three albums with his former band Telecast. If you have not heard his stuff with The Followers you can download their album for free as well here The Follwers – Wounded Healer. (I would highly recommend it)

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Josh Garrels full discography is free for 2 weeks.

Josh Garrels is giving away his complete discography for free for two weeks over at Noisetrade. While they are all a free gift for you to download I encourage you to give a tip because 100% of the tips are being donated to World Relief to help in Congo. If you would like to read more about what is happening and what they are doing to help over in Congo go here

I fell in love with Josh Garrels' music when he gave away his last release Love & War & The Sea In Between for free. After that I ended up buying his album Jacaranda but never got around to buying the rest. This was a great opportunity to get the rest of his music and help a great cause. Read the rest of this entry

DJ YNot & Tee-Wyla – Bmore Like Christ

Tee-Wyla and DJ YNot have finally released their remix album Bmore Like Christ, and you can download it free over at Noisetrade. The album features music from Lecrae, Young Chozen, KB, Thi'sl, Byron Cage and many more.

I have been looking forward to this albums ever since I downloaded the remix they did of KB's song Zone Out. They did a fantastic job remixing the song one of may favorite songs as of recent. Now that I downloaded the rest of the album the KB song is still my favorite but there is lots of good stuff on here to listen to. Between this album and Young Chozen's new mixtape, Night Light, there is plenty of new Christian dance/club music for people who enjoy the genre. Read the rest of this entry

Israel & New Breed – Rez Power

Israel & New Breed have a new live album out titled Jesus At The Center and GMC is giving away a song from it for free. You can download Rez Power for free over at their website. Great upbeat soul/gospel worship music featuring Israel Houghton as lead vocalist and co-writer.

The live album features many guest singers on it including T-Bone, Michael Gungor, Bishop Michael Pitts and many more. Jesus At The Center was recorded live in front of over 29,000 people at Houston's Lakewood Church. The double CD has 18 live songs as well as 3 studio versions of select songs. The two live medleys include cover songs. One being Bob Dylan's To Make You Feel My Love and the other is You Have Me which is originally by Gungor. If you are interested in checking out the full album you can sample it over at Amazon. Read the rest of this entry

Ravenhill – Bedroom Demos

Ravenhill has just released a new EP of demos for free download over at their Bandcamp page called Bedroom Demos. The first 3 songs on the EP were recorded just by Josh Clifton the lead singer/guitarist. These are just rough acoustic demos that may become actual Ravenhill songs someday. They mention that this is the how the process starts with a lot of the bands songs. The last 4 songs are demos recorded with the full band back in 2010. The Shakes and Stranger were later re-recorded on the EP Lions, which is available for download here. Ravenhill – Lions (EP) Read the rest of this entry

Hostyle Gospel – Mixtape Vol. 4, The Calm

Hostyle Gospel is a hip-hop/rap group out of Champaign, Illinois. Earlier this year they released their forth mixtape titled The Calm. I saw it mentioned somewhere that this is the first of two mixtapes  the second one being called The Storm.

Hostyle Gospel gained popularity with their song Jesus Invented Crunk from their first album Let Me At Em. They also were nominated for a Dove award this year for their song Coming Back Again which comes off of their latest album Immortal Combat which was released last year. Read the rest of this entry

Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors have a free music sampler that you can download for free over at Noisetrade. The sampler includes seven songs from a handfull of their previous albums.

The band is led by husband and wife duo Drew and Ellie Holcolm, which both take part in songwriting and singing duties. Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors is a great band for anyone who enjoys bands similar to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Neil Young. Their music covers genres such as rock, blues, country, and folk ,among others. Read the rest of this entry

The extremely popular Christian site Jesus Freak Hideout has released it's first compilation album, and are giving it away for free. The album called, Songs We've Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven't) Volume One, is a compilation of mostly independent artists that they enjoy and think you need to hear. There are also some fairly well know bands on it such as Family Force 5, The O.C. Supertones, and Kids In The Way.

Most of the music is in the rock genre whether it be pop rock, hard rock, folk rock……. There is a handful of hip-hop/rap and electronic artists on it as well. If you are a metal fan there is not much for you here Fallstar's song Hunters I believe is the only song on here for you and it falls more in the hardcore category. I also noticed that the compilation is for the most part male dominated there are very few females represented on the album. Read the rest of this entry

Aaron Leatherdale – Go Tell It (Single)

Aaron Leatherdale is a hip-hop/rap artist out of Kansas City where he is currently involved with the worship team at the IHOP-KC (International House Of Prayer). Last year he released a single called Go Tell It and gave it away for free on his Bandcamp page. The song's main chorus is taken from the classic gospel song Go Tell It On The Mountain, it is sung in the gospel style vocals by Kevin Richardson (not the Backstreet Boy) the rest of the song is hip-hop/rap vocals.

Aaron Leatherdale currently has a Kickstarter project to fund his next album and a music video to go with it. The album and video will be telling the story of a girl caught in sex slavery. He wants to bring attention to human trafficking with this project and prays that it will inspire others to fight against it as well. If you would like to check out the project and support his ministry check it out here at Kickstarter. Read the rest of this entry

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