The Emporiums – The Singing Well Remixed (EP)

The Emporiums are made up of Karla Adolphe and Aaron Strumpel. Karla Adolphe is more of a folk gospel singer and Aaron Strumpel's music is a bit avant-garde. I was introduced to the music of Aaron through is album Elephants which is a good one to check out if you enjoy things along the lines of Sigur Ros, Sufjan Stevens, or the more experimental Radiohead stuff.

The remix EP is two songs off of their full length album The Singing Well. The original album has more of a indie folk rock feel to it but the remixes I feel bring in a bit more of Aaron's experimental side. I am really enjoying the I Am The Richest remix………..It does remind me a bit of the Requiem For A Dream movie soundtrack, a movie that at a different time in my life I did quite enjoy. Read the rest of this entry

Battle Victorious – On And On (Sampler)

Battle Victorious is a folk rock band composed of Todd and Emily Marriott. Their website says, "They want to make the world more beautiful, so they make music," I believe that they are doing just that. I am really enjoying the four songs that they have given away for free from their newest release On And On. The song Let It Out has been rotating in my current playlist, I am in love with this song and it is so darn catchy it's stuck in my head all day even when I'm not listening to it. Their Facebook page says they are influenced by bands like The Civil Wars, Dave Matthews Band, and Switchfoot so if you are a fan of any of those bands give em a listen. Read the rest of this entry

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors new Christmas album, A Neighborly Christmas, is a great way to celebrate the season. The album is a mix of folk-rock, blues and jazz there is a great variety of musical styles between the songs. They do some common versions of many of the Christmas classics but give a bit of a twist on others.

Hark The Herald Angels Sing ends up being a slower more mellow version than the usually up tempo carol that it we are used to hearing and their version of Silent Night gets a little bit of a more soul-rock feel to it. They also have an original song added to the mix, Merry Christmas Tonight, which I quite enjoy. This is a great album to get into the Christmas spirit. Read the rest of this entry

The Gloomcatcher – Starla Over The Fences

Jessy Ribordy is the frontman of the well known Christian rock band Falling Up. But he also has some other projects that he is doing in his free time. One of those being The River Empires and the other is The Gloomcatcher. The Gloomcatcher just released a new EP called Starla Over The Fences and posted it on NoiseTrade for free download. NoiseTrade labels their music as pop and says that it's for people who also enjoy the bands Doves, Midlake and Fleet Foxes, but I honestly have no idea who those bands are. On their Facebook page they call themselves Chamber. Some of the songs remind be a bit of The Police. Read the rest of this entry

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