Karla Adolphe – Honeycomb Tombs

Today Karla Adolphe has released her new album Honeycomb Tombs for free download on her website. I first discovered Karla when searching for more music from Aaron Strumpel and ran across The Emporiums, a band consisting of the two.

A year ago Karla got to experience being with a close family in the hospital as they said goodbye to their daughter. Out of this she was inspired to create an album to that can aid people that are going through the grieving process. The lyrics for Honeycomb Tombs come from personal experiences with sorrow, poetry, and stories that others have shared with her. Read the rest of this entry

The Followers – Wounded Healer

Get The Followers latest release Wounded Healer from the folks over at Come&Live. The Followers is Josh White of Telecast and Eric Earley of Blitzen Trapper with a handfull of friends. The album is the first release from Deeper Well Records, which is a gospel collective that came out of Door Of Hope Church in Portland, Oregon.

The album is getting great reviews and they are well deserved. They call their style of music neo-gospel, blending rock, folk, country, and R&B. This is not a modern sound it is a throwback to 70s rock and when country music sounded, well like country music. I was not around for the "Jesus Movement" myself but this would be for anyone that was or still is into that, or fans of the Resurrection Band. Read the rest of this entry

Orion Walsh – First By Water Then By Fire

Orion Walsh is a folk rock artist from Lincoln, Nebraska, he is formerly the lead singer of the band Slow Coming Day. His newest album, First By Water Then By Fire, is now available on his Bandcamp page for any amount you want to give, which can make it free if you so choose.

The album is a concept album based around the verses from 2 Peter 3:5-10. The title says it all the earth was first cleansed by water and we now wait for it to be cleansed by fire. While most of his music has an acoustic folk sound he adds some electric guitar on the more upbeat song The First Shall Be The Last, which happens to be my favorite on the album. On his song Journey Of A Spruce Tree he has a country sound and I can't help but think of Johnny Cash when I first heard it. Read the rest of this entry

Gather And Build is basically a mini best of album from the last five years of Jars Of Clay's career. It was originally posted on Noisetrade in October of 2011 but for some reason thought it was taken down so I never posted it on here, maybe it was and they put it back up. Either way it's good news for anyone who missed it.

The album starts of with a folk cover of the song This Land Is Your Land. It has a handfull of hits from the last five years including Closer, Water Under The Bridge, and Run In The Night, which features Thad Cockrell from the band Leagues. It also contains some rarities like Stay, which is a remix of the song Forgive Me done by Stephen Mason. Two other rarities that are the songs Save My Soul and Body And Wine, which are originally found on a compilation called, Freedom: Artists United For International Justice Mission. And to finish it off you get the newer version of their hit single Flood called the New Rain Mix. Read the rest of this entry

Just discovered that Caedmon's Call has a sampler on Noisetrade for album Raising Up The Dead. The album came out in 2010 I believe so I'm not sure how long the sampler has been there. The sampler starts out with the acoustic driven song Sometimes A Beggar, and then gives you the more upbeat song She which features Danielle Young on vocals. Caedmon's Call sound is fairly diverse but for the most part this album has a folk rock sound. If you like the sampler you can get the full album here at iTunes or Amazon . Read the rest of this entry

Rain For Roots is a folk project featuring Sandra McCracken, Flo Paris, Katy Bowser, Ellie Holcomb, and their families. Their first album, Big Stories For Little Ones, is children's music of classic Bible stories for young children. All of the lyrics are based off of poems by children's author Sally Lloyd Jones, the author of Jesus Storybook Bible.

I have 4 children under the age of seven so I am looking forward to sharing this music with them. Enjoy the preview of four songs from the album, the full album will be released on May 15th. Read the rest of this entry

The Blackthorn Project – Reckless

The Blackthorn Project is a non-profit ministry consisting of husband and wife duo, Tim & Laurie Thorton, who minister mainly through music. They are part of the Enter The Worship Circle project and are joined by fellow Enter The Worship Circle artist, Aaron Strumpel, who is the producer for the album, Reckless.

The duo plays many different instruments on the album, violin, harmonica, mandolin, acoustic guitar, and they are joined by Steve Holley on upright bass. This gives the album a sound that covers a handful of different genres throughout their songs, bluegrass, folk, blues, chamber, but with all the different styles represented this is at it's core a worship album. Read the rest of this entry

Good Morning. Happy Easter.

Good Morning, Happy Easter is a Easter themed compilation album done by the same people who brought you the Christmas themed Merry Christmas, Good Night compilation. I believe that Dunn & Wilt are the ones who put this compilation together with some friends of theirs. The album falls in the categories of folk, acoustic, and worship. Read the rest of this entry

Vocal Few is a folk rock band consisting of the lead singer of The Classic Crime, Matt MacDonald, and his wife. The side project was started to support their newborn child, Praise. The song that they have up for free download is I Found What I've Been Looking For.

Matt was contacted by a man that wanted to do something special for his wife of 23 years, so he offered to pay Matt to write a song specifically for him and his wife. He gave him some background of their relationship and other details that would help in writing the song and Matt took over from there. Read the rest of this entry

Branches – Helicopter

Branches describe their style as indie-folk-rock-family-fun and after listening to Helicopter that seems like an accurate description to me. I first listened to Branches when they released their Christmas album on NoiseTrade. Their version of Go Tell It On The Mountain is the best version I have ever heard.

After recording three EPs, Merry Christmas, O, Light!, and Cabin, they have finally recorded a full length album Thou Art The Dream. Helicopter is one of the songs from that album and they are giving it away to you for free. While having mostly a folk based sound through the first three EPs they have added some new sound to the full length with the addition of ukulele, trombone, trumpet, violin, and toy organ. Read the rest of this entry

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