Switchfoot – Afterlife (Bryson Price Remix)

Download a dubstep remix of Switchfoot's song Afterlife done by Bryson Price.This came from a contest Switchfoot had for people to remix their single Afterlife from their album Vice Verses. Switchfoot chose one of the remixes to be featured in their remix EP Vice Re-Verses. Bryson Price has been featured on this site before with his free download of his album On The Sunny Side. Check out his remix of the Switchfoot song Afterlife.

There is a Mediafire link below the stream to download the remix for free.

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The Jellyrox – Heta Himlen

The Jellyrox is a one man band consisting of the the frontman of the band Eleventyseven. Matt Langston released the self titled album, The Jellyrox (EP), in June 2010 and then in December of that year released the single Closet Monster, which made its way on to the new full length album Heta Himlen. This is electropop music, if you enjoy Joy Electric or the 80's synthpop bands you will prolly enjoy this as well. Check out The Jellyrox new album, Heta Himlen, for free at their bandcamp page. And if you enjoy it pick up the self  titled album from iTunes or Amazon below. Read the rest of this entry

The Skies Revolt – Is Alive And Well

The Skies Revolt is a band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have a great experimental indie rock sound that is quite different than most of the music out there right now. The album Is Alive And Well is my favorite album that they have released and they are giving it away on their Bandcamp page and letting you name your price.

The band is currently working with Josh Cain and Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack to release a new 7" on Motion City Soundtrack's new record label The Boom Box Generation. This is part of a project that The Boom Box Generation is doing with Mad Dragon Records. The project is called Making Moves and will consist of releasing six 7" records with six different emerging artists. Read the rest of this entry

The Emporiums – The Singing Well Remixed (EP)

The Emporiums are made up of Karla Adolphe and Aaron Strumpel. Karla Adolphe is more of a folk gospel singer and Aaron Strumpel's music is a bit avant-garde. I was introduced to the music of Aaron through is album Elephants which is a good one to check out if you enjoy things along the lines of Sigur Ros, Sufjan Stevens, or the more experimental Radiohead stuff.

The remix EP is two songs off of their full length album The Singing Well. The original album has more of a indie folk rock feel to it but the remixes I feel bring in a bit more of Aaron's experimental side. I am really enjoying the I Am The Richest remix………..It does remind me a bit of the Requiem For A Dream movie soundtrack, a movie that at a different time in my life I did quite enjoy. Read the rest of this entry

Falling Up – Blue Ghost (Quadra Remix)

After releasing five albums and a best of compilation Falling Up left their long time record label BEC Recordings to release their latest album Your Sparkling Death Cometh. The break came from the fact that the band wanted to go in different directions with their music that the record label was not on board with. The new album has gotten great reviews from many Christian review sites. The first single off of the album was Blue Ghost, which recently got the remix treatment. They posted the remix on NoiseTrade for free download, so enjoy! Read the rest of this entry

Tooth & Nail Records – Sampler

Tooth & Nail Records gives away some more free music. This sampler is thirteen songs that show off some of the diverse genres that they offer. Sure there is plenty of poppy punk songs but there is some different songs mix. I may be fairly out of touch with the Tooth & Nail Records band roster because there is a lot of bands on here I have never heard of.

They start the sampler off with one of my favorite bands to ever come from Tooth & Nail. Right away I noticed that it seems Emery got a bit heavier than I remember, definitely the heaviest song on the album. Followed my Underoath's new song Paper Lung which is another great song from them, that one ends a bit heavier as well. They include The Almost song Monster Monster even though it is fairly older, kinda wish they would just stick to newer music for samplers. Swimming With Dolphins song Sleep To Dream has a bit of a 80s synthpop feel to it, and they do it well. To be honest I'm not the biggest fan of poppy punk music so a handful of songs from this album will not end up in my regular playlist. They finish off the sampler with a live version of Fire It Up by Thousand Foot Krutch. I always enjoy the upbeat hard rock songs that they release. They have a way of making songs that are fun and catchy that end up stuck in your head. Read the rest of this entry

(Josh) DIES – Scalene (Sampler)

Scalene is the new album released by the lead singer of the band Showbread. Josh Dies releases his solo music going only by his last name, DIES. His first release, The Aesthetics Of Violence, was more of an industrial rock influenced album, along the lines of Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, and Nine Inch Nails. His new album takes on a different sound, which should not be surprising to any Showbread fan, since their sound is ever evolving.

Scalene takes on a more 80s new wave/synthpop sound but still keeps some of the sound that he had. The Josh Dies website says this about the new sound, "What would it sound like if Phil Collins collaborated with Trent Reznor? You might not have been asking that question, but you'll still want to hear the answer." Dies collaborated with a fan named Dillon Redmond on the album which ends up giving the album some influence from one of Dillon's favorites NIN's album Year Zero. Read the rest of this entry

Stars Over Neon is a one man band with a ambient rock sound. Aaron Conti started the band in 2007 under the name GlenLake. Aaron has this to say about his music, " It's all in the name. According to the biblical book of Psalms, "the heavens declare the glory of God." Stars Over Neon is a reference to the shift in focus from the failing systems of man to God's wisdom, love and mercy on mankind." 

The demo is an instrumental, not sure if he has plans on finishing it with vocals or not. As of now he had plans for an EP release sometime soon but he ended up putting it off because he also states that he has had another idea for another EP he wants to put together but needs funds and a drummer. I don't know if we will ever see anymore music come from him but I hope to hear some I do enjoy the demo song that he put together. If you enjoy the music and wish to help fund you can leave a tip when you download the song. Read the rest of this entry

Plumb – NoiseTrade Sampler

Plumb has been making music for 15 years and are getting ready to release a new album "Faster Than a Bullet," but while waiting for their new album fans can check out a new sampler they just released for free. The songs are available through NoiseTrade, the site labels the sampler "Career Sampler" but when downloaded it is labeled "NoiseTrade Sampler."

This album consists of new versions of the 2 songs Damaged and Blush, the song Beautiful History from her hits collection of the same name, two remixes released on a bonus disc from that same hits collection and the song In My Arms originally from the album Blink. This is a great addition to any fans collection for the new versions and remixes and also a great introduction to anyone interested in checking out the band. It's free so you can't go wrong. Read the rest of this entry

Bryson Price – On The Sunny Side

Bryson Price says, "The purpose of releasing this project is to impact people in a positive way and to save souls by sharing the Gospel through music." This comes out in his music and it's nice for those who like this style of music but do not have much choice as far as Christian artists.

The music is mostly dubstep/electro/trance but has influences of hip-hop as well. He has hip-hop influences throughout this album because that is where he got his start in making music, up till now he was making hip-hop music. He said he has only been experimenting with this style for about a year, this shows here and there in the album but overall I thought it was a great start. Read the rest of this entry

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