Here is a free download of a remix someone did of Sean Carter's song Stuck In A Moment. The person that did the remix is Nick Krueger, AKA DJ Raev. Not sure how the remix came about but on Twitter Nick and Sean have been in touch back and forth recently about the remix. At one point Sean mentioned doing the song Ocean as well, which I would love to hear Nick do when he finishes this remix. Keep in mind this remix is just a rough mix he still has to finish it.

The song Stuck In A Moment comes from Sean's coming release The Telling, which I am still not sure of a release date on. You can get a sampler of the album with the original song Stuck In A Moment here Sean Carter – The Telling Sampler. Read the rest of this entry

We Follow One is giving away their new single So What Was Your Real Name for free for a limited time at their PureVolume page. We Follow One is a metalcore band that mixes many electronic elements into their songs, and at times the vocals also make me think pop punk.

So What Was Your Real name features Kelsey Wells as a guest vocalist and will be on an upcoming EP from the band, get the single for free while you can. If you like the song you can sample and buy their full length album Upside Down & Backwards through the links below at iTunes or Amazon. Read the rest of this entry

Spacesuit – EP 1

Download EP 1 by Spacesuit for free at their bandcamp page. Spacesuit is a rock worship band with very little electronic influence, mostly coming out at the beginning or end of songs and some loops. The band is made up of David May and Tim Cone who is the founder of Churchyard Records. Churchyard Records is a Christian record label that gives away their music for free.

This album was released October of 2010 and there has not been any news of new music. The last post from their Facebook and Twitter pages was on February 17th and simply said, "Lord release the finances!!!" Go to there site and check out their other bands and donate to the cause if you feel so inclined here at Churchyard Records. You can also get the chord charts and lyrics for this album there. Read the rest of this entry

Abandon Kansas – Ad Astra Per Remix (EP)

Get the Abandon Kansas remix EP, Ad Astra Per Remix, for free below. This EP contains 3 remixes from their debut full length album with Gotee Records titled Ad Astra Per Aspera. Abandon Kansas has a indie rock sound but if you are not into electronic music you will probably not be into this EP.

I have seen on a handfull of reviews that they complain the only thing kept from the original song is the vocals the music itself does not take anything from the original. Yes these are remixes and yes the music is electronic, there is also a bit of dubstep on the Like It Or Not remix. I enjoy electronic music so this was not an issue for me. Oh, and by the way it was FREE!! Read the rest of this entry

AAA Band Productions specializes in Christian electronic music, they have many songs up on their Soundcloud page. There are a handfull of remixes that are on that page and one of the ones I liked was a remix of the Hillsong song The Stand. The remix is called the Most Beautiful Dubstep Remix and is done by Christian t.

The song is labeled dubstep but I don't feel it's a really heavy dubstep sound, I thing its just more of a general electronic sound. Either way the song is free to download so if you like remixes or electronic music check it out. You can check out more music from AAA Band Productions below. Read the rest of this entry

Switchfoot – Afterlife (Neon Feather Remix)

Switchfoot recently used Talenthouse to have people remix their song Afterlife for a chance to be on their coming remix album Vice Re-Verses. The winner has been announced and Neon Feather is Switchfoot's choice. Stream the remix for free on Neon Feather's Soundcloud page now. Read the rest of this entry

This is a dubstep remix of August Burns Red song White Washed from their album Constellations. The remix is done by Josiah Kramer of Minneapolis, Minnesota posted to his Soundcloud page. I'm on a electronic, dubstep kick lately and have been running across quite a bit of good Christian electronic and dubstep artists lately. I'm not exactly sure how it works on Soundcloud but from what I can tell their is usually download limits on songs so get it while you can. Read the rest of this entry

This is actually a remix of a remix of Lacrae's song Jesus Muzik, from his album After The Music Stops. The original remix is a dubstep remix done by Karac, then
Wavedude took it and remixed it again. I like the original but Wavedude gave it a metal feel, and I'm a big fan of metal so I enjoy it quite a bit.

You can stream it on SoundCloud but the download limit has been met, so he put a link under the stream so you can download it on Mediafire. There is also a link below going to the original dubstep remix by Karac. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry

Pas Neos – City Of The Great King

Pas Neos is a breath of fresh air for someone looking to hear something different in Christian music, or music in general. Their music for the most part is electronic with some indie rock influence throughout. All of the lyrics are based on Scripture some just being verses taken straight from the bible, placing it nicely in the worship category as well.

After sampling the rest of the album I had to get it. This is a download for the song City Of The Great King, which is one of the songs off of their latest album The Wheat And The Tares. If you like what you hear you can purchase the full album here at Amazon or iTunes. I highly recommend getting the full album, I did and I love it!! Read the rest of this entry

TobyMac – Made To Love (Telemitry Remix)

Get a remix of TobyMac's song, Made To Love, originally from his 2007 album, Portable Sounds. This remix comes from his latest album Dubbed & Freq'd: A Remix Project, which was released in March. This is a dubstep remix, and even though I have not listened to the rest of the songs from the album I would assume it is mostly done in the dubstep style.

If you want to sample the rest of the album you can do it here at Amazon or iTunes. To get the free download you have to follow the instructions on the page in the link. Get if fast, this expires 4/8/2012. (This offer is only valid through the US iTunes store) Read the rest of this entry

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