Matthew Reed – Come And Drink Remix (EP)

Matthew Reed has just released his new remix EP, Come And Drink Remix, today on Noisetrade for free download. Featured on the remix EP are five of the six songs from his debut EP Come And Drink. The only song that didn't get the remix treatment was Emmanuel while Pour Out got remixed twice.

There are for different artists that offered remixes for this EP including Aaron Robertson from Elevation Worship, Seth Penn, Har Megiddo, Roy Mitchell-Cardenas of Mutemath fame, and Paulette Wooten AKA Paully Rock. There is good diversity in the different remix styles between each song: chill, trance, dance, dubstep, there is a little of everything here. Read the rest of this entry

Andy Hunter – Glow (EP)

Andy Hunter has recently released his second EP since leaving his record label. His new EP, Glow, is up on his Soundcloud page where you can stream it for free.

I've seen a handfull of reviews that reviews that are saying they enjoy Glow more than his last EP Collide. To be honest I have not listened to any of Collide, but I am enjoying this EP. The only Andy Hunter album that I own is Colour, and I will say I like Glow better than Colour. Read the rest of this entry

Canopy Climbers – Distances Sampler

Get the free sampler to the Canopy Climbers 2011 album Distances. Canopy Climbers is an electronic/rock band that would be for fans of Paper Route, Radiohead, and Mute Math. The band consists of 3 friends Cory Nelson, Alan Thomas, and Nathan Miller. They do not live close to each other so the whole album was made my sending songs back and forth over the internet. Read the rest of this entry

Rivers & Robots – You Saved My Soul

Rivers & Robots is Jonathan Ogden from Manchester, UK. He recently released a new album titled Take Everything and is giving away a song from the album for free download. You can download You Saved My Soul at his Soundcloud or Bandcamp page, whatever you prefer.

Rivers & Robots has an experimental sound blending folk, indie rock, and worship with electronic elements. I would recommend it for anyone that also enjoys Sufjan Stevens, and I do so I am loving Rivers & Robots. If you enjoy the song I highly recommend you check out the rest of the new album Take Everything here at Take Everything - Rivers & Robots or Amazon. Read the rest of this entry

DJ Official – I Didn’t Invent The Remix

DJ Official has a new remix album out called I Didn't Invent The Remix. You can download I Didn't Invent The Remix for free exclusively over at Rapzilla. The album contains 16 songs from many different artists including Trip Lee, Lecrae, Flame, Sho Baraka, and many more. My favorites would have to be Lecrae's Hallelujah, Sho Baraka's We Can Be More, and Tedashii's Riot. Read the rest of this entry

Josh Garrels – Love & War, B-Sides & Remixes

Josh Garrels has released a b-sides and remix EP for his Love & War & The Sea In Between album at his website for free. The EP is simply titled Love & War, B-Sides & Remixes.

Their are four remixes done by Mason Jar, Aaron Strumpel, Kye Kye, and Josh Garrels teams up with Mason Jar to remix White Owl all of which turn out sounding good. I really enjoy the Aaron Strumpel remix, but I'm beginning to find out anything Aaron has his hands in ends up being great. The b-sides are Valor, Cynicism, and Run all great songs that just didn't make the cut to the full album for one reason or another. And finally the last track on the EP is actually a song from the hip-hop/rap group Beautiful Eulogy. The song is from their new album Satellite Kite which features Josh Garrels on vocals. Read the rest of this entry

Earlier this month I posted a remix of the Sean Carter song Stuck In A Moment done by RAEV. The remix was just a rough demo and now the final version is up for your listening enjoyment. Head over to RAEV's Soundcloud page to download the song for free.

You can get the original version of Stuck In A Moment on Sean Carters sampler for his upcoming album The Telling here The Telling Sampler. I highly recommend the sampler and look forward to the full length album, whenever it comes out. Read the rest of this entry

Mel Beck – Morning Has Broken

Mel Beck self released an instrumental album earlier this year called Simple Gifts. He is sharing the song Morning Has Broken for free over at his bandcamp page for you to enjoy. The music is for the most part electronic although I believe there is live drums and some guitar on some of the songs. This particular song has acoustic guitar also in it which I don't believe you find on any of the other songs from the album.

This is what Mel had to say about the album, "Simple Gifts is an instrumental recording of eight songs of faith, recorded in my home studio, entirely by me, Mel Beck. This album is nothing more, and nothing less, than my expression of the awesomeness found in life's simplest of things." Read the rest of this entry

Words Like Vines – Consumed By

Words Like Vines is a progressive metalcore band out of Jacksonville, Florida. I believe they are a newer band and only have one song up right now for you to listen to. You can download their song Consumed By for free at their Reverbnation profile. You can also get a dubstep remix of the song, called the KüR Remix, at their Facebook page, until it hits 100 downloads I assume. Words Like Vines is for fans of For Today and August Burns Red. Read the rest of this entry

The extremely popular Christian site Jesus Freak Hideout has released it's first compilation album, and are giving it away for free. The album called, Songs We've Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven't) Volume One, is a compilation of mostly independent artists that they enjoy and think you need to hear. There are also some fairly well know bands on it such as Family Force 5, The O.C. Supertones, and Kids In The Way.

Most of the music is in the rock genre whether it be pop rock, hard rock, folk rock……. There is a handful of hip-hop/rap and electronic artists on it as well. If you are a metal fan there is not much for you here Fallstar's song Hunters I believe is the only song on here for you and it falls more in the hardcore category. I also noticed that the compilation is for the most part male dominated there are very few females represented on the album. Read the rest of this entry

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