Christian Deathcore, Volume 1

If you haven't already found this and downloaded it, do so now. This is a Deathcore/Death Metal compilation put together by Christian Deathcore Promotion. 40 songs by 40 different bands, and you can name your own price! Any money given for the album will go to buy more credits to keep the download free.

I'm a little behind on this compilation, it was released at the end of last year. I had the post partially made when it was first released but never finished it………. so I finished it, enjoy.

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O Wretched Man – The Decomposing Shrine (EP)

Download O Wretched Man's EP The Decomposing Shrine for free over at Soundcloud or ReverbNation. O Wretched Man is a death metal band out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. This band would be for fans of All Shall Perish, Becoming The Archetype, Cradle of Filth, August Burns Red, or After The Burial.

This is the lead singers response to the question, "Are you a Christian band?"

"We fully believe in the scriptures and all songs are based on them, as well as the fallen human condition. However we adhere to no religion or sect other than adhering to the Messiah." Read the rest of this entry

This Divided World – When Darkness Reigns

This Divided World is giving away their debut album, When Darkness Reigns, for free download over at their Bandcamp page. The album is actually listed as Name Your Price, so you may choose to support the band financially as well if you want.

This Divided World is a deathcore band out of New York. The band only consists of two members. Mark Young takes care of all the vocals on the album and Micah Brill plays all of the instruments. At their Facebook page they list their influences as The Bridal Procession, Impending Doom, Suicide Silence, White Chapel, Suffokate, Aegaeon, and Oceano. I would throw For Today in there as well because there is a handfull of parts that they have a metalcore sound that fans of For Today may enjoy as well. Read the rest of this entry

Red Cord Records Summer Sampler 2012

Red Cord Records is giving away a free summer sampler through the good folks at IVM. There are twenty songs from different artists on their roster. Many of the songs come from more recent or new releases from the artists.

This is a great mix of heavier genres, a little bit for everyone who likes their music heavy. Metalcore, punk, hardcore, deathcore, hard rock, among others can be found on this compilation. Read the rest of this entry

The Flesh Of Kings – Incorruptible

Download The Flesh Of Kings new EP Incorruptible for free over at their Bandcamp page. You can also download an electronic album booklet in PDF format as well as check out the lyrics to the EP. This band is for fans of As They Sleep and Earth From Above.

The Flesh Of Kings is a deathcore band out of Whittier, California. They were actually formed in 2007 under the name of Ashes To Embers. Since then they went through a couple lineup changes including a new lead singer. In 2011 they changed their name to The Flesh Of Kings. Read the rest of this entry

We The Colossus – Walls Of Jericho

We The Colossus is a metalcore band out of New Bedford, Massachusetts. They are giving away a free download of their new song Walls Of Jericho over at their Facebook page. I'm assuming that this song is off of their upcoming EP titled The Beauty In Struggle, which does not have a definite release date yet.

I would recommend We The Colossus for anyone who enjoys bands in the same vein as For Today or August Burns Red. I'm looking forward to hearing the EP, Walls Of Jericho is a solid start for the band. Read the rest of this entry

Eyes Of The Defiled – Derived From Misery

Eyes Of The Defiled is a deathcore band out of Crisfield, MD. They have their debut EP Derived From Misery for free download over at their ReverbNation page. Or you can get it in zip file over here at Zippyshare, but I've never tried Zippyshare so I just got it from their ReverbNation page. Eyes Of The Defiled is for fans of Impending Doom, Whitechapel, and Chelsea Grin. Read the rest of this entry

Truth. Love.Hope.Ministries has released a compilation on their Bandcamp page. The album, My Kingdom Is Not Of This World, is up for download and you can name your price. This means you could download it for free if you chose to or you can donate as much as you want. Any donations made to the ministry will help for missionaries that are over in South America. They will be helping get people doctors, clean water, fixing up homes and much more so your donations would really help.

As far as the music goes it's a good mix of heavy music hardcore, metal, deathcore, heavy worship…..  Some of my favorites would be: A Righteous Downfall's song Life Breather they have a southern metal feel to their music that reminds me of Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster, Fat Kid Wins Cake's My Friend Plank which kinda reminds me of Haste The Day, Despair Of The Fallen's The Weight Of My Conscience. These are just some that caught my attention right away but there is many great songs on this compilations. Get it and enjoy, and donate if you can. Read the rest of this entry

Ark Of The Covenant – Fakes

Ark Of The Covenant is giving away their new single, Fakes, for free download at their Facebook page. Ark Of The Covenant is a deathcore band signed to Strike First Records, which is an imprint label under Facedown Records. If you like the song head over to iTunes or Amazon and sample their first EP Separation. Also they have a full length album in the works, haven't seen anything about a estimated release date yet. Read the rest of this entry