Righteous Vendetta recently did a cover of the Eddie Money classic Take Me Home Tonight. You can download the metalcore cover for free over at the bands website in exchange for your e-mail address. You can preview the song on YouTube below.

Righteous Vendetta is a metalcore band out of Cody, Wyoming. They have done extensive touring to promote their Red Chord Records debut The Dawning including over 240 dates within a year. Their newest album Lawless is out now and can be purchased below at Amazon. This is what the bands Facebook page had to say about their passion to spread the gospel with their music. "Their dedication to sharing the light of Jesus Christ is no less relentless than their touring schedule, bringing their music and ministry to venues across the nation." Read the rest of this entry

Mutinous Wonderflesh Vs. The Body Under The Head is a tribute album for the band Blaster The Rocket Man. The album was originally released in 2007 as more of a homemade CDR compilation. The album is now available for free download at Noisetrade with album artwork by Joe Whiteford of the band Calibretto. If you are interested in the lyrics to the album you can check them out over at this website Caustic Fallout.

Blaster The Rocket Man was a Christian horror punk band that was formed in 1994 under the original name Blaster The Rocketboy. After releasing their albums Disasteroid and Succulent Space Food For Teething Vampires with Boot To Head Records they changed the name to Blaster The Rocket Man and signed with Jackson Rubio Records in 1999. Their only release with Jackson Rubio was The Monster Who Ate Jesus.  Read the rest of this entry

Ambience In Motion – Amazing Grace

Ambience In Motion has recently released the song Amazing Grace done in an electronic style. You can download their version of Amazing Grace for free through Tweet For A Track in exchange for a tweet or a Facebook post.

Ambience In Motion is Mychal Clements from Phoenix, Arizona. He has a full album called (Hymn)otic that is supposed to be releasing soon, can't find any info on a definite release date though. The album is going to be a ten song album featuring classic hymns redone in an electronic style. Read the rest of this entry

Stay The Shores – Songs For Soaking (EP)

Stay The Shores has a new EP called Songs For Soaking up on their Bandcamp page. You can download the EP for any price you want, so you can get if for free if you so chose. Songs For Soaking has three cover songs, a song that comes from their full length, and one new song.

Among the covers they do a great version of Gungor's Beautiful Things and a great rendition of the classic Horatio Spafford hymn It Is Well With My Soul. My favorite song of the EP is the new song, Prodigal. It has a great southern rock sound that any fan of NeedToBreathe will probably enjoy. Read the rest of this entry

Kevin Max – Take A Bow (Muse Cover)

Kevin Max is best know from being in the band DC Talk. He has since made many solo albums and is now also working on a graphic novel. Fiefdom Of Angels is going to tell the story of the origins of the Angels and the war that takes place in Heaven. His newest album, Fiefdom Of Angles (Side One) is a soundtrack for this project.

On the album he covers four different artists Real Life, Joy Division, Queen, and Muse. The music is along the lines of chamber I guess, giving a fairly different spin on the songs. The only original song that he has on the album is End Of The Beginning. Although not completely a "Christian" album, I suppose, since most of the covers are not Christian artists. The songs were specifically picked to go along with the storylines of the novel, he also adds spoken word in some of the songs to add to the storyline. Read the rest of this entry

Here is a cover song of Johnny Cash's song I Walk The Line done by As They Sleep. This starts of sounding like the I Walk The Line you may know but then As They Sleep makes it their own. As They Sleep was signed to Solid State Records in 2010 and released their latest album, Dynasty, with them. I have to admit that I enjoy the original much more but it's always fun to hear other bands spin on classics. Read the rest of this entry

Blood & Ink Records – Spring Sampler 2011

Blood & Ink Records is a Christian record label that deals mostly with punk, metal, and hardcore bands. The have worked with bands such as Soul Embraced, Foreknown, and No Innocent Victim. And they have helped launch the careers of bands such as xLooking Forwardx, Blessed By A Broken Heart, Burden Of A Day, and With Blood Comes Cleansing.

This is a free sampler that Blood & Ink Released on their Bandcamp page. Download it while you can, who knows how much longer they will keep it up there. Read the rest of this entry

Wild At Heart – Self-Titled (EP)

Wild At Heart is a hardcore band from Detroit, Michigan. They have a sound like, well almost every other hardcore band out there I guess, so if you like hardcore you should enjoy this. At their Myspace and Facebook they have this to say about their band, " We are here to do one thing, and one thing alone….and that is to spread the love of Jesus Christ, and be vessels for the Lord our God to further lead our generation to the one true love." Their lyrics then reflect that mission and are very Christian driven.

All the songs are your typical hardcore style except a cover that they do of the Rich Mullins song Awesome God, which ends up being more of a hard rock worship song. Over all it's a good sounding record and I look forward to more from them. They are in the studio at the moment recording their first full-length that will be titled Warefare. They said on their Myspace that it should be out winter of 2011, so any time soon I'd imagine. Read the rest of this entry