Desperation Band – Make A Way

Download the Desperation Band song Make A Way for free over at The song comes from their new live album, Banner, which was recorded at the 2014 Desperation Conference. You can check out the lyric video for the song below. If you follow the link you can also download a PDF for the sheet music and the chord chart for the song as well.

Desperation Band is led by Jon Egan and was formed in 2001 as the youth worship band for the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Desperation Conference is an annual conference that draws thousands of college and high school age students.

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Jars Of Clay – Love Song For A Savior

Download the Jars Of Clay song Love Song For A Savior for free over at iTickets. The song comes from their latest album 20 which was released on their own record label, Grey Matters, on August 19th. You can sample or purchase the full album here at iTunes or Amazon. The song originally was released on their 1995 self-titled debut album.

The album 20 is a greatest hits album of sorts. It is 18 songs that were voted on by fans then re-recorded for this album. In addition they have two new songs as well, If You Love Her and Ghost On The Moon. The album is celebrating 20 years as a band, their first release being a independent demo titled Frail that was released in 1994.

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For King & Country – No Turning Back

Download the For King And Country song, No Turning Back, for free over at The Fish website. The song Comes from their new album Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong., you can purchase the full album over at iTunes or Amazon. The Fish is a contemporary Christian radio station out of Cleveland, Ohio. You can check out a stream of the radio station at their site as well.

For King & Country is brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone from Sydney, Australia. Joel and Luke are also the younger brothers of the well known Christian artist and speaker Rebecca St. James. For King & Country are probably best known for their single, Busted Heart, which was a huge hit off of their 2012 album Crave.

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Download a remix of Audio Adrenaline's song Kings & Queens done by ARIA over at Soundcloud. To get the download you will have to repost, comment on, or share the song and a download link will be sent to you. So you will need a Soundcloud account to get it.

The song comes from Audio Adrenaline's latest album Kings & Queens, which is also the bands first album with new lead singer Kevin Max. I am usually not really big into much that would fall into the contemporary Christian category but I am a big fan of Kevin's voice and singing style so I do enjoy this song.

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Todd0 (ToddZero) – Kid Heart

ToddZero is giving away his new album, Kid Heart, over at Noisetrade. Not sure how long this will be up for free because it will be seeing an official release on June 4th through Hembot Recordings. I really enjoyed his first EP and this album shows great growth in his music. Building on what he did so well with his indie rock sound he also integrates some electronic elements/synth into this album. I highly recommend getting this album. Fantastic indie rock music! Positive Christian message.

ToddZero has recently moved his website as well as his Facebook page using ToddZero as his name instead of Todd0. Which is odd because I always thought it was ToddO, as in the letter O. Anyways you can find his new website here and new Facebook page here ToddZero.

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Chris Sligh – Where You Are

Chris Sligh is giving away his new song Where You Are for free over at his Soundcloud profile. The song comes from his upcoming album titled This Is Life which is due out Aug 13th.

Chris Sligh is best known for his appearance on the sixth season of American Idol, where he ended up making it to the top ten before getting eliminated. He has a contemporary Christian sound that would be for anyone who also enjoys singers like Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman.

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Warr Acres – Hope Will Rise

You can download the new Warr Acres song Hope Will Rise for free over at the Victory Church website. The song has been released for free in efforts to help raise money with disaster relief efforts in Oklahoma.

Warr Acres is the worship band for the Victory Church in Oklahoma City, so the disaster is something that hits very close to home for them. Besides giving away this song for free they are also selling t-shirts with the "Hope Will Rise" logo you see below for $15, all proceeds from them will go directly to disaster relief efforts in Oklahoma.

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Moriah Peters – Bloom

You can download the song Bloom by Moriah Peters for free over at her website. All you have to do is enter your birthday and email address (you will be added to her email list) and they will email a link for your download. You can also check out the lyric video for the song below.

The song is a great spring tune that comes off of her debut album I Choose Jesus. Moriah Peters is contemporary Christian music, so if that is your type of music I would assume you already know who she is.

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Josh Garrels full discography is free for 2 weeks.

Josh Garrels is giving away his complete discography for free for two weeks over at Noisetrade. While they are all a free gift for you to download I encourage you to give a tip because 100% of the tips are being donated to World Relief to help in Congo. If you would like to read more about what is happening and what they are doing to help over in Congo go here

I fell in love with Josh Garrels' music when he gave away his last release Love & War & The Sea In Between for free. After that I ended up buying his album Jacaranda but never got around to buying the rest. This was a great opportunity to get the rest of his music and help a great cause. Read the rest of this entry

Third Day – Hit Me Like A Bomb

Download the new Third Day song Hit Me Like A Bomb for free over at iTickets. The song is the opening track to their newest album, Miracle, which was just released on the 6th.

Third Day has went with a well known mainstream producer, Brendan O'Brien, on this album. You may know him from his work with bands such as Pearl Jam, Train, Incubus, Bruce Springsteen and many more. I haven't looked into the reasoning behind the move, but I assume they were looking for a change? If the rest of the album is anything like Hit Me Like A Bomb I'd say they found their change. No it's not drastic, but it's there, and I enjoy the song quite a bit. Read the rest of this entry

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