Jars Of Clay Spring Tour 2012 Sampler

Jars Of Clay is going on tour this Spring with opening acts Matthew Perryman Jones and Leagues. To help launch the tour they are giving away a free sampler with two songs from each artist on it.

Jars Of Clay's two songs are Small Rebellions from their album The Shelter and Body And Wine which was made for the compilation Artists United For International Justice Mission. Matthew Perryman Jones' two songs are Until The Dawn Appears from the album of the same name and an unreleased song called O, Theo, which features Thad Cockrell of Leagues. Leagues two songs are Mind Games and Haunted which both come from their self-titled EP. Read the rest of this entry

Blood & Ink Records – Spring Sampler 2011

Blood & Ink Records is a Christian record label that deals mostly with punk, metal, and hardcore bands. The have worked with bands such as Soul Embraced, Foreknown, and No Innocent Victim. And they have helped launch the careers of bands such as xLooking Forwardx, Blessed By A Broken Heart, Burden Of A Day, and With Blood Comes Cleansing.

This is a free sampler that Blood & Ink Released on their Bandcamp page. Download it while you can, who knows how much longer they will keep it up there. Read the rest of this entry

Solid State Records – Sampler

Solid State Records is a sister label of Tooth & Nail Records. They were started to showcase the heavier bands that did not fit as well with the rest of the bands on Tooth & Nail. This album is different from the compilation, I Am Solid State, you can download for free on their Facebook page.

Although it does have three repeat songs from I Am Solid State it has plenty of new stuff for you to listen too. There are also two songs that appear on the Tooth & Nail Sampler that I just posted. Those two songs come from Underoath and Emery, the two bands with a sound that is always riding the line between Solid State and Tooth & Nail. Read the rest of this entry

Tooth & Nail Records – Sampler

Tooth & Nail Records gives away some more free music. This sampler is thirteen songs that show off some of the diverse genres that they offer. Sure there is plenty of poppy punk songs but there is some different songs mix. I may be fairly out of touch with the Tooth & Nail Records band roster because there is a lot of bands on here I have never heard of.

They start the sampler off with one of my favorite bands to ever come from Tooth & Nail. Right away I noticed that it seems Emery got a bit heavier than I remember, definitely the heaviest song on the album. Followed my Underoath's new song Paper Lung which is another great song from them, that one ends a bit heavier as well. They include The Almost song Monster Monster even though it is fairly older, kinda wish they would just stick to newer music for samplers. Swimming With Dolphins song Sleep To Dream has a bit of a 80s synthpop feel to it, and they do it well. To be honest I'm not the biggest fan of poppy punk music so a handful of songs from this album will not end up in my regular playlist. They finish off the sampler with a live version of Fire It Up by Thousand Foot Krutch. I always enjoy the upbeat hard rock songs that they release. They have a way of making songs that are fun and catchy that end up stuck in your head. Read the rest of this entry

Facedown Records – 2011 Fall Winter Sampler

The hardcore/metalcore record label Facedown Records has released it's latest sampler for free download. The 2011 Fall Winter Sampler contains eleven of some of their top current songs.

I enjoy the fact that most of the lyrics are very straight forward about their faith as Christians. Many "Christian" bands nowadays try their best to sing about Christianity without ever having to mention anything that may let people know they are Christians. There are many different reasons that bands will give for doing this and I get it I'm not judging them for that. But there is something that I really respect in bands that just come out and say it. Read the rest of this entry

Solid State Records – I Am Solid State

Get ten free songs from some of Solid State Records best bands; The Famine, Underoath, As They Sleep, Mychildren Mybride, August Burns Red, To Speak Of Wolves, Demon Hunter, Living Sacrifice, The Showdown, Haste The Day.

My favorite has to be Demon Hunter I always enjoy everything they put out, they seem to always put out really solid songs. The song features Bjorn Strid, who has handled lead vocals for many different bands the most popular being Soilwork. I really love what The Showdown did with this song, starting with the motorcycle and running the sound right into the song, something different. Not to mention the song is fantastic, I'm really enjoying the southern metal sound some bands are putting out. And Underoath has another great song, as always. You also get a live version of the August Burns Red song White Washed. Read the rest of this entry

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