DJ YNot & Tee-Wyla – Bmore Like Christ

Tee-Wyla and DJ YNot have finally released their remix album Bmore Like Christ, and you can download it free over at Noisetrade. The album features music from Lecrae, Young Chozen, KB, Thi'sl, Byron Cage and many more.

I have been looking forward to this albums ever since I downloaded the remix they did of KB's song Zone Out. They did a fantastic job remixing the song one of may favorite songs as of recent. Now that I downloaded the rest of the album the KB song is still my favorite but there is lots of good stuff on here to listen to. Between this album and Young Chozen's new mixtape, Night Light, there is plenty of new Christian dance/club music for people who enjoy the genre. Read the rest of this entry

Young Chozen – Night Light

Young Chozen has released his new mixtape Night Light. This mixtape was made as an outreach tool for the lost party culture. On it he takes songs from popular artists such as Flo Rida, Fun, T-Pain, B.O.B., Chris Brown, and many more and makes them his own giving them a positive Christian message. Taking songs about drinking, drugs, and sex and making them into something positive is a great idea.

Here is a little of what Young Chozen had to say about the mixtape "Our world right now is obsessed with the night life, this party culture has taken over everything……. I feel it's time that we leave the safety of rapping only for youth groups and do something about it…… We need to be the "Night Lights" of a culture that is dying and going to hell….. If you want something you could play anywhere at a party, club, event, for any crowd then THIS IS YOUR MIXTAPE." Read the rest of this entry

Young Chozen – Lights On (Feat. HOPP)

Get a track from Young Chozen's upcoming mixtape Night Light that he is releasing on July 20th. The free song is Lights On which manipulates the T-Pain song Turn All The Lights On into a positive Christian song.

I honestly have never heard the original song but I like what Young Chozen has put out it makes me want to dance, and I don't dance. Young Chozen has put together the mixtape with the intentions for it to be used as an outreach tool for the lost party culture. Read the rest of this entry

KB – Zone Out (Tee-Wyla Club Remix)

Tee-Wyla and DJ Ynot? are set to release a new remix album that should be out sometime this month. One of the songs off of the album has recently been put up on Rapzilla for free download.

The remix is of the KB song Zone Out, which you can download the original of here at Noisetrade for free KB – Zone Out. The album is "an exclusive collection of club remixes" I'm not much into clubs or dancing at all, but this remix kinda makes me want to dance. I enjoy the remix more than the original version. I look forward to hearing some more remixes off of this album. Read the rest of this entry