Matthew Perryman Jones – Land Of The Living

Matthew Perryman Jones is a singer songwriter who currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. His latest album Land Of The Living is currently up for free download over at Noisetrade. The album was funded by a Kickstarter project that raised over $26,000. It was released a week early through the Blood:Water Mission website where you could download it for giving a $10 donation to the charity.

Matthew has had many of his songs featured on well known TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, Bones, Private Practice and many more. He also has gained more popularity recently after going on tour this spring with Jars Of Clay.  Read the rest of this entry

Heath McNease just released a new album titled The Weight Of Glory. The album is twelve songs that are inspired by C.S. Lewis' writings. You can head over to Heath's Bandcamp page to get the album. You will be able to name your own price for the full album when it is released. As he did with his last album he is giving away different product packages if you do give money. The packages include things like CDs, shirts, a personalized song wrote just for you, and more.

Here is a video of Heath talking a bit about The Weight Of Glory. He mentions on the video that there is not very much rapping on the album, which is what his last album, Thrift Store Jesus, consisted mostly of. In fact I believe Mere Christianity is the only song that has any rap and it's only a small amount at the end of the song. As he says in the video the album is more indie/folk rock influenced. Read the rest of this entry

Will Retherford – Awake

Will Retherford is giving away his first EP, Awake, for free download over at Noisetrade for a limited time. Will Retherford is usually labeled as folk rock or indie rock, either way this is worship music. One of the stand out songs from Awake is Fill Our Hearts which features Lisa Gungor on vocals. The album also features gang vocals with the rest of the Gungor crew Michael and David along with Lisa and many others. Michael Gungor also plays electric guitar and David Gungor adds bass and percussion.

Will has a new full length album due out September 4th titled Walk. If you want to leave a tip for the free EP all the money that is given will help fund an orphanage in Hyderbad, India. Read the rest of this entry

The Sing Team – Oh Great Is Our God

iTickets is offering another free download from the Mars Hill Music family. Head over to their site and get the song Oh Great Is Our God by The Sing Team. The song comes from their EP of the same name.

The sing team is led by Brian Eichelberger, who is one of the main songwriters at Mars Hill Church. The rest of the band consists of what they call, "a merry troupe of family and friends." The band started out as a community group and now regularly leads worship at Mars Hill Ballard. Read the rest of this entry

Derek Webb – Ctrl Sampler

Derek Webb is giving away a three song sampler for his new album Ctrl over at Noisetrade. The highly anticipated album was released tonight, and as far as I can tell it's only available over at his website here. The album is his follow up to the highly controversial album Stockholm Syndrome, which from what I understand has alot of profanity and references to alcohol and sexuality.

I did not hear any profanity in the sampler but as far as the rest of the album goes I do not know, because I have not listened to it yet. But I'm sure if it has anything controversial in it that it will be talked about in great length all over the internet. No need for me to do it here. Read the rest of this entry

Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors have a free music sampler that you can download for free over at Noisetrade. The sampler includes seven songs from a handfull of their previous albums.

The band is led by husband and wife duo Drew and Ellie Holcolm, which both take part in songwriting and singing duties. Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors is a great band for anyone who enjoys bands similar to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Neil Young. Their music covers genres such as rock, blues, country, and folk ,among others. Read the rest of this entry

Wayfarer – The River (EP)

Wayfarer is a folk rock band out of Seattle, WA that features former members of the band Sherwood. They just released their debut EP, The River, and have posted it for free download on their Bandcamp page.

This is how they describe themselves on their Facebook page, "We play repurposed hymns and spiritual songs." If you look into the band make sure you get the right Wayfarer, there are many different bands called Wayfarer. Here is a link to the correct Facebook page for the band Wayfarer. Read the rest of this entry

Moriah Peters – Just Pray (Feat. Rhett Walker)

Recently on K-Love Radio Moriah Peters and Rhett Walker wrote and performed an acoustic song called Just Pray. The song was wrote in memory of the shooting victims from the July 19th theater shooting in Colorado at a viewing of the new Batman movie.

The song is wrote to help remind us that in times like this, when you have extreme tragedies the most important thing that we can do is continue to pray. You can download the song Just Pray for free over at K-Loves website and also see the handwritten lyrics here Just Pray Lyrics. Read the rest of this entry

Matt & Toby – Good Boys

Matt & Toby is the new band consisting of two of the founding members of the band Emery. Toby Morrell is the lead singer of Emery and Matt Carter plays lead guitar. The song is much more mellow than Emery's sound, but it is hard not to think of Emery when listening. I believe there was a bonus CD that you could get along with Emery's album The Question that was acoustic versions of some of the songs…………. if you enjoyed that, you should enjoy this. Read the rest of this entry

Flatfoot 56 – Toil

Flatfoot 56 has a new album titled Toil that is due out on the 24th of this month. Jesus Freak Hideout has the title track available for free download over at their website. The song has an upbeat acoustic sound with his staple punk influenced vocals. From what has been said about the new album we can expect more of this style of music from Flatfoot 56. Read the rest of this entry

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