First off let me start out by saying that Sons Of God has now taken the name of just Sons, I can only assume because there is another band by that name, the band is Christian as well but it's a very different style of music, I'd say southern influenced metal. The Sons Of God that did this album on the other hand are mostly labeled as indie rock, and as far as I'm concerned are much more musically talented. So make sure you get the right band if you are looking into them more (this is the correct band, not this one

Ok, now that that is taken care of lets get to the album. The album is actually just an EP with three songs, but these three songs are getting rave reviews. The lead singer Aaron Newberry has a fantastic and unique voice that really grows on you. And the lyrics are very clear on their faith and beliefs, Aaron Newberry had this to say. "We want to let people know that we're not just up here playing music. It's the medium in which we serve. Sons Of God is built with the intent to minister to, encourage, convict, and send out disciples who are ready for battle. I really want to communicate to people that we're currently in a generation that is okay with going to church and not really being Christians. But church doesn't save you…… and Biblical illiteracy is killing us."

Their page on Come & Live says that they are for fans of Thrice, Brand New, As Cities Burn, and Mute Math. I am really enjoying this EP and cannot wait for their full album to be released. I highly recommend you check this band out as well as the lead singers solo album Aaron Newberry – Homewrecker.


  1. Doubt
  2. Manipulate
  3. Caution

Download Sons Of God – The Genesis Prologue free courtesy of

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Sons Of God The Genesis Prologue

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