Solid State Records is a sister label of Tooth & Nail Records. They were started to showcase the heavier bands that did not fit as well with the rest of the bands on Tooth & Nail. This album is different from the compilation, I Am Solid State, you can download for free on their Facebook page.

Although it does have three repeat songs from I Am Solid State it has plenty of new stuff for you to listen too. There are also two songs that appear on the Tooth & Nail Sampler that I just posted. Those two songs come from Underoath and Emery, the two bands with a sound that is always riding the line between Solid State and Tooth & Nail.

My favorite on the sampler would have to be Emery, I am liking the heavier sound that they seem to have. And I really enjoy The Showdown song The Man Named Hell, as I've said before I am enjoying the southern metal sound some bands are adding to their music. Overall great Sampler, I do wish it would have had a newer Demon Hunter song on it but I'll live with what I guess.


  1. August Burns Red – Internal Cannon
  2. Becoming The Archetype – The Magnetic Sky
  3. Underoath – Paper Lung
  4. Emery – The Cheval Glass
  5. Mychildren Mybride – King Of The Hopeless
  6. As They Sleep – Bedlam Of The Nile
  7. To Speak Of Wolves – Trust But Verify
  8. Living Sacrifice – Overkill Exposure
  9. Haste The Day – Wake Up The Sun
  10. The Showdown – The Man Named Hell
  11. The Famine – Ad Mortem

Download Solid State Records – Sampler free

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

Solid State Records Sampler

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This Is Solid State, Vol. 6 - Various Artists


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