Get ten free songs from some of Solid State Records best bands; The Famine, Underoath, As They Sleep, Mychildren Mybride, August Burns Red, To Speak Of Wolves, Demon Hunter, Living Sacrifice, The Showdown, Haste The Day.

My favorite has to be Demon Hunter I always enjoy everything they put out, they seem to always put out really solid songs. The song features Bjorn Strid, who has handled lead vocals for many different bands the most popular being Soilwork. I really love what The Showdown did with this song, starting with the motorcycle and running the sound right into the song, something different. Not to mention the song is fantastic, I'm really enjoying the southern metal sound some bands are putting out. And Underoath has another great song, as always. You also get a live version of the August Burns Red song White Washed.

Over all if you are metal fan then this is a fantastic album to download. Even if you are not a Christian or don't listen to Christian music but love metal, this is a great album for you too. My only complaint is that I would rather hear Jimmy Ryan doing vocals for Haste The Day, but we can't really do anything about that now can we.


  1. The Famine – Ad Mortem
  2. Underoath – In Division
  3. As They Sleep – Oracle Of The Dead
  4. Mychildren Mybride – Crimson Grim
  5. August Burns Red – White Washed (Live)
  6. To Speak Of Wolves – You Should Have Locked Your Doors Days Ago
  7. Demon Hunter – Collapsing (Feat. Bjorn Strid)
  8. Living Sacrifice – Overkill Exposure
  9. The Showdown – The Man Named Hell
  10. Haste The Day – Travesty

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Solid State Records - I Am Solid State

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This Is Solid State, Vol. 6 - Various Artists


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