Download the new Solid State sampler, New Breed Summer Sampler 2013, for free in exchange for you e-mail address. This compilation includes songs from some of Solid State Records newest bands signed.

The compilation offers two songs that are from albums that have not released yet. The My Heart To Fear song The Witching Hour Pt. II will be on their upcoming release, Algorithm, which is due out July 9th. And The Ongoing Concept contribute their song Cover Girl, which I assume will be included in their Solid State debut album Saloon, it is set to be released August 20th.

The Wolves At The Gate song, Slaves is from their 2012 release Captors. Fit For A King offers their song The Resistance, which comes from their new album Creation/Destruction. And The Overseer song Amend is from their last album We Search, We Dig.

All the songs on the sampler are great, but I am especially intrigued by The Ongoing Concept song Cover Girl. The band brings an original sound that caught my attention immediately. They have a metalcore sound and mix in some southern rock influence. I'm always wanting something that sounds different, and this is it. I will be checking out their new album once it is released.


  1. The Ongoing Concept – Cover Girl (more at iTunes or Amazon)
  2. My Heart To Fear – The Witching Hour Pt. II (more at iTunes or Amazon)
  3. Fit For A King – The Resistance (more at iTunes or Amazon)
  4. Wolves At The Gate – Slaves (more at iTunes or Amazon)
  5. The Overseer – Amend (more at iTunes or Amazon)

Download the Solid State, New Breed Summer Sampler 2013 free.

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

Solid State New Breed Summer Sampler 2013 Album Artwork


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