Showbread's album Who Can Know It is so far my favorite free full album that I have downloaded. The album takes the band in quite a different direction than before, not that it's anything new since their sound is ever evolving. But this time it is probably the biggest change you will see, there is absolutely no screaming vocals throughout the whole album. In fact the vocals almost on the verge of being monotone through most of the album, and I like it. Besides no screaming the whole tone of the album is fairly mellow with a couple exceptions. The song The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things has a Nine Inch Nails feel to it which shouldn't surprise anyone Josh has said NIN is an influence musically, but it is the lone song on the album that has it. 

Like always the lyrics are fantastic and very honest, almost to honest at times. I say that because I have for young children and skip a couple of songs while they are around because of the lyrical content. A Man With A Hammer goes into graphic detail talking about various sins that people may struggle with; a man contemplating killing his family, a woman cheating on her husband, a lady getting an abortion, a man raping a woman. In the end he talks about the fact that Jesus died for all of them. I get the song and what he was trying to say in the lyrics, it's something young children will not understand though and I don't want them to hear about. The other song I have issue with my kids listening to is Myth Of A Christian Nation, again I understand the message that they are trying to get across, I just think the lyrics overcompensate for the point they want to get across. That being said I also am proud to live in the USA, sure it's not perfect by far but I don't want my kids listening to lyrics that sound very anti-patriotic. Now I say again I don't dislike these songs I just don't think the lyrics are appropriate for my young kids. The rest of the songs the lyrics give a fantastic message that I feel great about giving to my children.

I especially enjoy the song You're Like A Taxi, which deals with the concept of death. Some of my favorite lyrics ever come from this song. "When I die, whatever you might say. Don't say I'm gone. Gone is not the word for someone who finally found his way back home." The album has gotten mixed reviews from the fans, which is expected when you change your musical style every album, but I definitely enjoy the new sound and think they do it very well.

Side note, am I the only one who thinks of the Eagles Hotel California when listening to the song The Prison Comes Undone?


  1. A Man With A Hammer
  2. I Never Liked Anyone And I'm Afraid Of People
  3. Dear Music
  4. Deliverance
  5. The Prison Comes Undone
  6. Hydra
  7. Myth Of A Christian Nation
  8. You're Like A Taxi
  9. Time To Go
  10. The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things

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Showbread Who Can Know It

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