Showbread have released their new album Cancer for free download over at Come & Live. The album is a science fiction concept album that takes place on a planet called Cancer, which sounds strangely like the planet I live on. From what the Come & Live site says the story follows a rebellious rock musician that attempts to use his punk rock band to lead a revolt against inter-dimensional fascists in a not-so-distant American future.

I won't get to much into reviewing the album, there are many other places to find that if you so desire. To give you an idea of what to expect, from the band that you never know what to expect, Cancer is musically a mix of all of their previous albums with the addition of some new styles as well. Most important to many fans the album brings back the screams many have come to love with Showbread, that were non-existent in their last release Who Can Know It. Although I personally did not miss them I think they put out a solid album without them, but I do enjoy that they are back.

This album will have an accompanying movie to go along with it, but this will not be released until sometime early 2013. Until then enjoy the music, and listen to the message being portrayed throughout. With the album download you also get the Cancer Journal, which contains the lyrics to all the songs and a little more insight into the storyline of the album. I am loving this album and look forward to receiving my DVD in the mail when it is finished.


  1. I'm Afraid That I'm Me
  2. Sex With Strangers
  3. Anarchy
  4. You Were Born In A Prison
  5. Germ Cell Tumor
  6. Two-Headed Monster
  7. Escape From Planet Cancer
  8. You Will Die In A Prison
  9. You Will Not Die In A Prison

Download Showbread – Cancer free at Come & Live.

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

Showbread Cancer

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