Showbread is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund their next album/movie Cancer. This album with an accompanying movie to go with it will be used as a soundtrack to go with the movie. It will be a sci-fi concept album with an elaborately detailed universe presented in the music, lyrics, and visual art. The goal is to create a, "massive, multi sensory extravaganza of a story that screams an incredible truth: Jesus has conquered death!"

Showbread will be teaming up with Come&Live again to give this all away for free, but to give it away for free they need generous people like us to help out with finances up front. And for helping out you can get some great stuff, posters, CDs, DVDs, shirts, meet the band…….. As of this posting there is 9 days left and about $7,000 more dollars to be fully funded, and they only get funded if they raise the full amount.

The last album that they released was also done this way and is for free download as well, go here to download Who Can Know It for free. And go here to help fund the new album/movie, Cancer, here at Kickstarter.

Get more music from Showbread here at.