A new split from the bands Sanhedrin and Maranatha is up for download over at Bandcamp. You can chose to pay what you want for the album so download it for free or give a little help to the band so they can keep giving us great music. This is hardcore music in its raw form, no overproduction here..

Sanhedrin is Steven Cosand who is the current guitar player of the Facedown Records band Overcome. While Steven did the music as well as writing the lyrics he did not do the vocals they were done by his friend Duncan Shane. You can check out a lyric video for the song Sole Fermenting below at YouTube. He is currently working on a full length album that is set to release early 2013 and is heading into the studio with his band Overcome to work on their next release. If you enjoy what you hear check out his EP Pro Human. Pro Life. here, which is also available for free download Sanhedrin – Pro Human. Pro Life.

Maranatha is a one-man-band consisting of the former Symphony In Peril drummer. I like how he described the sound on his Facebook page so I'll just repost it. "Heavy metallic hardcore with sludge riffs. Or old school death metal with hardcore mixed in. Or doom with mosh parts. Something like that." Not sure if we can be expecting anymore music from him in the near future but he does have an EP available that was released earlier this year titled Incarnate. You can download the EP for free over here Maranatha – Incarnate. There is no lyric vid for any of his songs but all of the lyrics to the split are over at the download page if you are interested.


  1. Sanhedrin – Sole Fermenting
  2. Maranatha – Mourning The Light
  3. Maranatha – I Never Knew You

Download the Sanhedrin, Maranatha Split free at Bandcamp.

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

Sanhedrin, Maranatha Split

Check out more by Sanhedrin here.

(The only other music is their EP at the Bandcamp page)


Check out more by Maranatha here.

(The only other music is their EP at the Bandcamp page)


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