Mutinous Wonderflesh Vs. The Body Under The Head is a tribute album for the band Blaster The Rocket Man. The album was originally released in 2007 as more of a homemade CDR compilation. The album is now available for free download at Noisetrade with album artwork by Joe Whiteford of the band Calibretto. If you are interested in the lyrics to the album you can check them out over at this website Caustic Fallout.

Blaster The Rocket Man was a Christian horror punk band that was formed in 1994 under the original name Blaster The Rocketboy. After releasing their albums Disasteroid and Succulent Space Food For Teething Vampires with Boot To Head Records they changed the name to Blaster The Rocket Man and signed with Jackson Rubio Records in 1999. Their only release with Jackson Rubio was The Monster Who Ate Jesus. 

In 2000 they went on a headlining tour and when finished they decided to break up the band. Since then there have been many reunions once in 2002 in their home state of Indiana the other times were for the Cornerstone Festival in 2004 and 2008. They also released The album The Anatomy Of A Monster in 2002 with their old record label Boot To Head Records. The Album contains all 3 of their previous records as well as the live show they did in Indiana in 2002.

Blaster The Rocket Man us horror and sci-fi themes throughout their lyrics to communicate the biblical truths that they want to reveal with their music. Their album The Monster Who Ate Jesus has a handful of songs that were inspired by C. S. Lewis' Space Trilogy. With their horror punk sound they would be good for any fans of the Misfits or Grave Robber. There are a couple of different styles on the tribute but most of it would fall in the horror punk category as well.


  1. Nothing Left To Lose – Deploy All Monsters Now
  2. Calibretto – I'm Only Humanoid (Lost In Space)
  3. The Jim Archen Band – Venus At St. Annes
  4. Hammers To Fences – I Like Lycanthrop
  5. The Tuffingtons – Gimme A Fright
  6. Private First Class – Hopeful Monsters Are Dying Everyday
  7. Death By Bobcat – Wolverine
  8. Mercury Radio Theater – It Came From Down South
  9. Neutron Bomb – I Killed The Checkout Girl
  10. Dietrichs – Human Flytrap (Our Hero Escapes From Mars)
  11. The Night Grows Cold – King Of The Beach
  12. Our Corpse Destroyed – Disasteroid
  13. Wee Beakers Trousers – Vac-U-Suck
  14. Dragged Out – Frankenstein's Intro
  15. Hyperdrive Go – Frankenstein's Monster Wants A Wife
  16. The Beastly Brutes – Tundra Time On Thulcandra
  17. Hit The Deck – MRR
  18. Nobody Elses – All The Way To The Blood Bank
  19. American Culture Experiments – American Werewolf
  20. Daniel Otto – Otto Bot's Poem

Download Mutinous Wonderflesh Vs. The Body Under The Head – A Tribute To Blaster The Rocket Man free at Noisetrade.

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

Mutinous Wonderflesh Vs The Body Under The Head A Tribute To Blaster The Rocket Man

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