Matthew Parker released this song a while ago on his Soundcloud page but I just recently discovered the song and enjoy the lyrical content very much, so I decided to share. The song, This Is Madness, is available for free download as well on his page, he reached his limit but there is a link in the comments to get it through Mediafire.

This is what he says about the song, "I wrote this song about abortion to help people see what a terrible thing it is to kill unborn children, no matter if they are unwanted, unhealthy, or defective. God gave each person life, and when you kill an unborn baby, you're killing a human being."

Matthew's music is mostly in the electronic/dance/dubstep genres but he has a couple of rap songs up on his Soundcloud page as well. I enjoy the song for the lyrical content more than the music, not that the music is bad it's just a subject that I feel very strongly about so the lyrics hit me. He was actually recently included in a new compilation called This Is Christian Dubstep 2012 that can be sampled or bought over at Amazon.


  1. This Is Madness (The American Holocaust)

Download Matthew Parker – This Is Madness (The American Holocaust) free at his Soundcloud page.

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

Matthew Parker This Is Madness The American Holocaust

Check out more by Matthew Parker here.


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