Download Matt Redman's song Mercy free from Worship Together. You will need to register at the website for free to access the download. They also have free downloads of sheet music to some popular worship songs. 

The song comes from his live worship album Your Grace Finds Me, which was released in 2013. You can sample the rest of the album here over at iTunes or Amazon.

This is what Matt had to say about the song,

"Friends, I hope you're doing well, and enjoying the call to lead the people of God in worship. Six Steps Records, Worship Together and myself wanted to send you "Mercy." It's a song built around the theme of the cross. The centrality of the cross is such an important part of our gathered worship. It's the centre-piece of the salvation story, but also the most amazing expression of the heart of God. The cross of Christ is a story that will never grow old, and a theme that can never become dated or irrelevant.

As a songwriter I love the challenge of continually coming back to that place and writing fresh songs of worship. There are so many angles from which we can approach Calvary; so many windows from which we can view the cross. This song "Mercy" is my latest effort to keep doing that, co-written with my good friend Jonas Myria. I hope you enjoy it.

Wherever we're situated, whatever stream of the church, country or city, I love that we're all involved in the same glorious pursuit together. Keep Going!"


  1. Mercy (Live)​

Download Matt Redman – Mercy (Live) free at Worship Together.

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Matt Redman Your Grace Finds Me Album Cover

Matt Redman Your Grace Finds Me Album Cover

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