Kevin Max is best know from being in the band DC Talk. He has since made many solo albums and is now also working on a graphic novel. Fiefdom Of Angels is going to tell the story of the origins of the Angels and the war that takes place in Heaven. His newest album, Fiefdom Of Angles (Side One) is a soundtrack for this project.

On the album he covers four different artists Real Life, Joy Division, Queen, and Muse. The music is along the lines of chamber I guess, giving a fairly different spin on the songs. The only original song that he has on the album is End Of The Beginning. Although not completely a "Christian" album, I suppose, since most of the covers are not Christian artists. The songs were specifically picked to go along with the storylines of the novel, he also adds spoken word in some of the songs to add to the storyline.

They used to have the full EP up for download on Noisetrade but you are to late for that so you will have to just settle for the single Take A Bow, which is a cover of a Muse song. If you want to sample the rest of the EP or buy it follow the links below to iTunes or Amazon. With the download you also get a sample of the novel as well.


  1. Take A Bow (Muse Cover)

Download Kevin Max – Take A Bow (Muse Cover) free at Noisetrade

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

Kevin Max Fiefdom Of Angles Side One

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Kevin Max


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