Today Karla Adolphe has released her new album Honeycomb Tombs for free download on her website. I first discovered Karla when searching for more music from Aaron Strumpel and ran across The Emporiums, a band consisting of the two.

A year ago Karla got to experience being with a close family in the hospital as they said goodbye to their daughter. Out of this she was inspired to create an album to that can aid people that are going through the grieving process. The lyrics for Honeycomb Tombs come from personal experiences with sorrow, poetry, and stories that others have shared with her.

Karla's music is best described as folk, this particular album is very mellow as can be expected from an album based around grief. I saw one review say that it was somewhere between folk and lullaby, seems about right to me. Karla has a beautiful voice and is a gifted songwriter, I highly recommend checking this album out. 


  1. Autumn Parade
  2. Flying Low
  3. Graceland & Graveyards
  4. Invisible Lines
  5. Who Can Hold Me
  6. Ice Road
  7. Grey & Silver
  8. When I See Him
  9. Mamma Wing
  10. Room For Me

Download Karla Adolphe – Honeycomb Tombs free at Karla's website. Or at Noisetrade here Karla Adolphe – Honeycomb Tombs

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

Karla Adolphe Honeycomb Tombs

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Karla Adolphe


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